Fami invests in a new punching mold.

The investment phase concretely continues in Fami S.r.l.

Fami investe in un nuovo stampo tracciature per fianchi

With the aim of promoting a rapid increase in the productive performance of the company in terms of quality and flexibility, a new punching mold has officially become part of the modern infrastructure purchased by Fami as one of the flexible systems in the sheet metal processing.

Conceived with a precise support role in the production, the new mold works in combination with the punching machine, strengthening in this way the productive capacity in the punching and stamping departments.

This important initiative sees Fami assuming the role of investor in a continuous improvement of the productive process and makes the company one of the reference operators in the field of industrial furniture and advanced logistics systems.

Fami invests in a new punching mold.

Fami invests in a new punching mold.

The new stamping press represents a further impulse to our investment commitment and an appropriate instrument for significant growth prospects. The planning of this machine – a synergic work, which lasted approximately eight months – implements highly precise technologies of sheet metal stamping by eliminating any margin of error. Through this investment, Fami aims to promote the development of a smarter and more flexible production.

Following this last purchase amounting to about 120.000 Euro, the total investment commitment of Fami will reach around hundreds of thousands of Euro. Moved by the desire of keeping pace with the continuous development in order to increase our resources, the activity of identifying new investment opportunities remains for Fami very important.