Storage Bins and Storage Solutions

The FAMI polypropylene stacking and storage containers have been designed and produced to offer companies rational solutions to their various material storage and handling requirements. First quality materials, together with detailed structural research are the basis for this top quality product. The wide range of containers is available in five colours to allow the storage of materials in easily recognisable categories.

Storage Bins and Storage Solutions - Idea


Awareness of the need for solutions tailored to requirements, or the story of an idea waiting to be put into practice is our guiding philosophy when we visit our customers. Travel, observing the places we pass through with a curious eye, ready to be amazed and to grasp the sensations that will lead to intuitions of practical value. A look, a phrase, a different viewpoint or an unexpected situation may provide the stimulus needed for the invention of the effective, simple solutions our customers require.

Storage Bins and Storage Solutions - DESIGN


With computerized systems that enable us to view objects right to their core, with the craftsman’s obsessive attention to detail, we create and re-create virtual objects that must be high-performing, attractive and, foremost, efficient. We develop and design customized systems for all logistical functions, never forgetting the fundamental qualities and characteristics of the material used, to obtain the object that was first imagined or desired. Highly qualified designers and state-of-theart tools make the initial idea into reality.

Storage Bins and Storage Solutions - PROTOTYPE


Prototypes are built, tested, dismantled and reassembled an infinite number of times, until the object required is obtained. We use a very wide variety of materials, but mainly metal, plastic and wood.We build equipment enabling us to simulate the stresses applied to products during use, to check their degree of resistance to lengthy conditions of stress and ensure that they are of excellent quality. Innovative industrial storage systems, workstations and conductive systems for the electronics industry are extremely versatile products, allowing a wide range of applications and fulfilling their intended functions to the highest standards.

Storage Bins and Storage Solutions - REALIZATION


With a craftsman-like flexibility and the efficiency of manufacturing on an industrial scale, we make good ideas into reality with speed, vision and versatility, all qualities deeply imprinted in FAMI’s heritage, which we never tire of applying. The experience acquired over many years at work is constantly activated and used to implement new solutions, new technologies and new processes. This enable us to stay at the top of our sector. The result is a durable, attractive, perfectly ergonomic and absolutely user- friendly product. There is a particular focus on product quality, certified in accordance with the latest international standards.

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