Racking and Shelving Systems

Racking and Shelving Systems

Industrial metal shelving systems for the most effective organisation of space

Versatile and sturdy, Fami Storage Systems industrial racking systems are the most effective and user-friendly way of organising goods and products, by rationally making the most of the available space and by easily adapting to any use or setting: they can even be simply placed against a wall.
Fami Storage Systems offers a complete range of shelving systems for warehouses , divided by type and size.

Modular industrial racking systems

Modular industrial racking systems ST


SYSTEM ST storage racks have an easy-to-assemble structure consisting of: side panels/uprights, side walls, middle walls and rear walls with an interlocking design for easy fitting together without any screws. The shelves come with 4 hooks and have a capacity range varying from 100 to 400 kg.
Customisable with various accessories, this type of shelving is pre-set to be turned into cabinets by adding vertical dividers, partitions, edge strips, plain (87%) and telescopic (100%) extension drawers, hinged or sliding doors – both versions equipped with security locks and two keys.
Racking System ST

Racking System SR-MASTER


The MASTER SR series of industrial shelves by Fami Storage Systems stands out for its compact structure, complete with drawers or hinged, sliding or rolling shutter doors, and the high degree of storage security guaranteed by latest-generation mechanical or electronic closure systems.
Versatile, flexible and modular, an MASTER SR industrial rack caters for storage requirements from across the segment, lending itself to endless configurations that can be modified over time, and keeping pace with changing needs.
The flexibility of the unit elements, and their highly adjustable design, allow for different combinations of extensible shelves and drawers with flexible extension guides, while the addition of separation accessories enhances the functionality of internal drawer organisation, resulting in a more streamlined management of hardware, tools, electrical and electronic parts storage.
Racking System MASTER SR

Metal racking system with extensible shelves for heavy material

SYSTEM AR shelving with extensible shelves is particularly suitable for storing very heavy material


SYSTEM AR shelving with extensible shelves is particularly suitable for storing very heavy material (moulds, engines, etc.) which can be handled, in complete safety, by using bridge cranes. The shelves can have plain or telescopic extension, and a capacity ranging between 800 and 1000 kg each. The equipment is made of sheet steel specially shaped to improve solidity. Each pair of sliding doors spans two shelving bays lengths and has a cylinder lock with two keys. The side and rear walls are fixed with screws to the structure and, when used together, form enclosed compartments. In addition, the rear walls do not require the fitting of any cross pieces. The sides are provided with steel plates for fixing to the floor.
Racking System AR

Storage bin holder industrial racking systems

Storage bin holder industrial racking systems


The STORAGE DOMINO series, bin holder industrial racking systems by Fami Storage Systems, are modular storage shelving systems that facilitate independent bin handling and, at the same time, the rational use of all the available space. Its design is the result of years of highly industry-specific experience and constant commitment to the development of specific products. Built from sturdy drawn sheet steel, which ensures excellent performance even under full load conditions, the STORAGE DOMINO series storage racks are available in four sizes of bins or other containers.
The stackable design of the racks allows for the creation of storage units that can be modified at any time according to requirements.
Racking System Storage Domino

Storage bin holder industrial racking systems


The SYSTEM TR series racking systems have been designed for accommodating elements from the series Athena, Athena Light, Compat, Zeus, Odette and Steel iron boxes. TR shelving units are available in two heights – 1010 mm and 2010 mm.
The pair of guides supporting the bin is height-adjustable, has a maximum capacity of 50 kg and allows the simultaneous use of boxes of the same size but with different heights. The top strengthening shelves are fixed to the top part of each span and, in addition to reinforcing the shelving, also act as dust covers and supports. The sides/uprights are supplied pre-assembled, with 25 mm pitch side slots, and are equipped with foot supports for fixing to the floor. The system’s modular nature allows for the expansion of existing systems at any time.
Racking System TR

Storage bin holder industrial racking systems


The PERFOM AK series bin storage racks are an ideal solution for the storage of small hardware parts and other small items for commercial and industrial use.
They consist of a steel plate frame and height adjustable shelves, supplied in variable numbers depending on the required application solution.
They are produced both without doors and with lockable doors and can accommodate Steel series bins and Compat series polypropylene bins internally.
Racking System Perfom AK

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