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Master furnishings at the service of Officina Caira

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Restoring Formula 1 racing cars to their original splendour in a Fami-equipped workshop

Officina Caira is a glaring example of how one’s passion can successfully turn into a job: since 2015, the brothers Silvano and Sebastiano have been purchasing, repairing and selling Formula 1 racing cars.

Cars that have raced on the world’s famous racing tracks from the 1970s to today arrive at the Belgian workshop where they are repaired and transformed by skilled and expert mechanics.

The repair process is highly meticulous: the activities of Officina Caira are rooted in the desire to restore the racing cars to their original appearance as far as possible. After a careful study of the period technical drawings and an initial analysis of the car’s condition, the various components are subjected to specific crack tests to ensure that each part does not have any weak points or breakages.

Despite the difficulties associated with their search, all spare parts are original and the restored Formula 1 car is then put up for sale or returned to its legitimate owner accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

As a result of the increased work load and a greater demand for restoration, the Officina Caira decided to create a new area dedicated to racing car repairs. Thanks to the precious help of Belgian distributor Dexis Belgium, the workshop was able to discover and familiarise with Fami and, above all, the quality of the latter’s products was decisive in the workshop’s decision to choose the Italian company’s furnishings for creating 3 work islands.
The industrial workstations were equipped using various types of Master cabinets, on which MDF panels and a cover were installed. More specifically, the following furnishings were chosen:

  • 78×36 EH cabinets with sliding doors
  • 36×27 EH cabinets with drawers of different heights
  • cabinets with fittings for power outlets and compressed air
Officina Caira logo colori web
The quality of the latter’s products was decisive in the workshop’s decision to choose the Italian company’s furnishings for creating 3 work islands.

Officina Caira

The close cooperation between Fami and the Belgian distributor Dexis Belgium, along with the special care devoted to the customer’s various requests, were instrumental in arranging a tidy and efficient area for repairs and restorations in which the various mechanics at Officina Caira can store away and organise the dismantled parts and equipment so that they can work more effectively on the Formula 1 racing cars.

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