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Plastic storage boxes

Together with our range of large plastic containers, our industrial storage boxes represent FAMI’s most structured and effective way of accommodating the diverse and innovative demands of the goods storage and handling market

Our solutions

Platzsparende Regalkästen RK Box Air
Space-saving bins for racks RK Box Air
  • High resistance to oils
  • Smooth bottom and reinforced walls
  • Standard label holders
  • Pull-out handle, transparent dividers and marking on request
RK Box Air
Open front stackable storage Picking Box Air bins
  • Nestable and stackable, with a 50% reduction in empty space
  • Reinforced bottoms and structure, perfect for automatic warehouses
  • Compatible with all hopper-type opening bins
  • Innovative design, wide capacity and increased load capacity
Picking Box Air
Picking Box Classic containers
  • Hopper-type front opening
  • Front reinforcement beam for larger trays
  • Three types of reinforced bottom
  • Practical handles
Picking Box Classic
RK Box Classic containers for shelves
RK Box Classic containers for shelves
  • Removable
  • Stackable
  • Standard labels
  • Wide range of accessories
RK Box Classic
Visual Box Classic smallware drawers
Visual Box Classic smallware drawers
  • Transparent drawers with tilting opening
  • Stackable and compatible
  • Standard labels
  • Modular
Visual Box Classic
Euro Box Classic stacking containers
Euro Box Classic stacking containers
  • Conforming to Euro-pallet dimensions
  • Ideal for storage and distribution
  • Resistant to heavy loads
  • Stackable
Euro Box Classic
Non-slip mats MAT
Non-slip mats MAT Classic
  • Non-slip texture
  • Safe ascent/descent
  • Easy fit
  • Modular
Mat Classic

The distinctive features of Fami plastic bins

Tidiness and organisation with plastic picking bins and boxes

The solutions for plastic picking bins for the C-PARTS sector are ideal for storing small-size components – be they spare parts, screws, bolts or other items. Made of premium-quality plastic, the plastic picking bins can be used in various contexts such as workshops, assembly lines and warehouses.

Available in various models, sizes and colours, they can be equipped with dividers, dust masks, labels and much more, in order to make the warehouse logistics process more efficient.

Ideal also as containers for workshops, the picking boxes for screws and bolts, closed or with a beak opening, and the plastic picking bins can be easily fitted on shelves, trolleys or workbenches so as to quickly organise all the work material.

Plastic containers for warehouse logistics management

Logistics containers are the ideal solution to store and handle materials that need to be readily available in the warehouse and in the production and assembly departments.

Ideal for intensive reuse, Fami containers turn into perfect eco-friendly packaging elements: made of premium-quality plastic, they can be used to replace traditional cardboard packaging, which cannot be reused, resulting in higher wastage of paper.

The plastic containers for warehouses are stackable and lidded. Moreover, they can be used for logistics transport, or within the plant for manual applications but also for mini-load and mini-shuttle plants and automatic warehouses in general.

Available with various types of bottoms (smooth, reinforced), they can be equipped with lids, dividers, closing hooks, clamps for documents and areas reserved for stamping and barcodes.

Stackable and nestable plastic containers with reduced overall dimensions for considerable savings on storage and transport costs

Fami space-saving containers are designed to reduce the overall space occupied by the empty container by up to 50%. Ideal for storage, transport and distribution, they optimise the logistics prices of companies and contribute substantially to environmental sustainability: less wastage and premium-quality materials for any need.

Industrial plastic containers and bins: solutions for any sector

Each plastic storage box sold by Fami is designed and tested for being fully exploited in dusty and difficult work environments, where logistics plays a crucial role. The plastic storage boxes come in different sizes depending on the model and the ribbing along the bottom and walls is specially designed for increasing their load-bearing capacity and stability. The available plastic storage box solutions are characterised by grooves to facilitate stacking and handles that make gripping and use on industrial roller conveyors easier. Most Fami plastic storage boxes come with a label pocket, which helps to keep the warehouse tidy and efficient, but above all is essential for keeping constant track of the type of material contained in the relevant container-storage shelving.

The various available versions of Fami storage boxes can be specifically used in certain environments for optimising warehouse management and improving work efficiency. The superimposable plastic storage boxes of the Euro container family help to save space in the company and come in sizes compatible with Euro pallets. The space-saving containers are instead stackable and superimposable plastic storage boxes that can be carried on top of one another when full and inserted into one another when empty, so as to reduce bulk during transport.

The bin storage boxes and containers are further types of superimposable plastic storage boxes that are ideal for keeping screws and bolts and small components. They can have 4 closed sides or a hopper-type opening, or can be arranged into drawer units made of transparent plastic with tippable opening.

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