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Industrial metal storage boxes

Industrial metal storage boxes for storing and handling scrap, spare parts and large-size bulky components. They are available with slides, tippable or with front hopper-type opening.

Our solutions

Contenitori bocca lupo metallo
Metal containers with hopper-type opening
  • Hopper-type opening
  • Easy picking of material
  • Label holder
  • Internal dividers
Contenitori industriali a fondo apribile
Containers with openable bottom and slides
  • Bottom openable through a lever
  • Upper and lower forkable slides
  • Double bottom
  • High storage capacity
Sheet metal containers
  • Forkable slides
  • With or without openable flap
  • Label holder
  • Internal dividers

The distinctive features of Fami industrial metal storage boxes

Large storage space

The iron industrial containers can store large-size and bulky materials, components and scrap. They can be used as product containment solutions for organising warehouses, or as reject containers in production and assembly areas.

Facilitated transport

The slides on the lower part of industrial boxes and metal pallets make them easier and quicker to transport, even at full load. The slides can be used both with pallet trucks and with forklift trucks.

Storage of heavy loads

All the industrial metal storage boxes available are made with premium-quality material for guaranteeing a durable and resistant product. The various solutions for industrial metal storage boxes have ribbing on the bottom, and in some cases also on the sides, which makes the structure sturdier and allows for storing products with different weights and volumes.

Sheet steel metal containers for storing and handling materials

The line of large-sized industrial storage boxes in metal is an excellent way to cut down the logistics costs of goods warehousing and handling considerably. Fami Storage Systems offers a comprehensive catalogue of sheet metal storage boxes, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and storage capacities available.

The interior space of our industrial storage boxes can be separated into compartments with convenient painted sheet metal dividers. The sturdy performance of our industrial metal storage boxes will amaze you every time, even after using them for the thousandth time.

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