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Metal storage boxes and bins

Fami metal storage boxes and bins are the perfect solution for storing and handling materials that need to be readily available, both in warehouses and in production and assembly departments

Superimposable metal storage boxes and large steel storage boxes: professional solutions for industry

Made of cold-rolled polished steel plate, they are reinforced with special ribs on the walls and on the bottom to increase their load strength and non-deformability in case of impacts.

All the solutions for metal storage boxes and bins:

Industrial metal storage boxes
3 mod.
  • Ideal for warehouse handling and storage purposes
  • Designed for heavy-duty industrial use
Metal containers with hopper-type opening
Small metal storage containers
2 mod.
  • Ideal for organising heavy smallwares
  • Indispensable in production and assembly departments

Professional metal storage box solutions for logistics and industrial purposes

Unlike tradition plastic storage boxes, the metal storage boxes and bins are special structural features that make them suitable for housing heavy materials. The ribbing along the bottom and walls of metal storage boxes and bins make the entire structure sturdier and more robust, increasing their load-bearing capacity and making them suitable for housing smallwares, screws, components and spare parts.

The extensive range of steel storage boxes offered by Fami includes two different types of metal storage boxes that vary by size, load-bearing capacity and transport method. Traditional small- and medium-size steel storage boxes are stackable and easy to carry by hand, and are also ideal for keeping loose and relatively small material. On the other hand, the large-size metal storage box can be used to organise semi-processed goods or large components in the warehouse or in the production department and has slides to facilitate handling with a forklift truck or pallet truck.

Besides coated metal, Fami containers are also available in the galvanised bin version and in the galvanised sheet metal storage box version: these solutions are subjected to a galvanisation process that improves the metal’s resistance to oxidation and corrosion, helping to prevent rust build-up.

Trust our Specialists for your Customised Design

Continuous training keeps our agents up to date with the latest market innovations and how they can be integrated with the products offered by Fami. Lean production, warehouse optimisation and ESD systems are just some of the areas in which Fami offers winning solutions.

Contact our experienced consultants to create the perfect solution for you!

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