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Work table on wheels

Work bench on wheels, for moving work material and for providing quick and instant assistance in various areas of the company.

Our solutions

Work Mobile Master workbench trolley
  • Wooden worktop
  • 100% extractable drawers (from 50 to 100 kg load-bearing capacity)
  • Monobloc structure for drawers and doors
  • Lock or digital code closure
  • Edges for worktops
Work Mobile Master
banco lavoro con ruote
Work Rol Master workbench on wheels with drawers
  • Wide range of worktops
  • 100% extractable drawers (from 50 to 100 kg load-bearing capacity)
  • Multiplex crosspiece or lower shelf
  • Available with adjustable feet
Work Rol Master
Work Mobile Flexa mobile workbench
  • Wooden worktop
  • 100% pull-out drawers (load-bearing capacity 70 kg)
  • Lock closure
  • Edges for worktops
Work Mobile Flexa

The distinctive features of Fami work tables on wheels

Everything within reach anywhere

The work bench with wheels allows for having all the work material available in a single place and moving it safely within the company premises. There are several types of wheels available, so as to choose the most suitable type for the environment where the work bench on wheels will be used.

Tidiness and safety

Any work bench with wheels can be arranged with a perforated panel for organising equipment, tools and components. The square-hole panels can be used to attach Iron Team hooks and accessories so as to guarantee safe storage while the workbench is being moved around.

Resistant worktop

The work bench on wheels can be personalised with a wide range of worktops made of multiplex, multiplex with laminate or laminate-coated, all sturdy and resistant, making them suitable for a wide variety of maintenance and assistance operations.

Work chairs

The work chairs can be used in workshops, laboratories or shops, and have feet or wheels. The adjustable seat and the composition of the backrest and chair allow operators to work while maintaining an ergonomic position, as they can be adapted to each user and to the height of the industrial workstation on which they must operate.

Moving equipment and products with the work table on wheels

The work table on wheels allows the operator to work while exploiting all the typical advantages of a mobile industrial workstation. With this solution it is possible to move within the company premises or warehouse to provide prompt assistance whenever machinery, equipment or certain components require maintenance. The work table on wheels can also be helpful for working on a certain product and then comfortably taking it to the warehouse or another workstation for being finished.

Choosing a work table on wheels, therefore, allows for optimising the operator’s work so that it becomes more efficient, organised and quick to respond to any inconveniences that may occur during routine operations. The user will not only be able to use an industrial workstation that is mobile, but also solid and sturdy thanks to the high quality of the materials used to build it.

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