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Height-adjustable workbench

Height-adjustable workbench to favour an ergonomic position during work. Available with a wooden or steel worktop.

Height-adjustable workbench
Our solutions

Work Up adjustable workbench with or without wheels
Work Up adjustable workbench with or without wheels
  • Steel or wooden worktop
  • Available with or without wheels
  • Standard lower half-shelf
  • Drawers with 86% extraction
Work Up
Work Master BR modular workbench
Work Master BR modular workbench with rear panel
  • Wooden worktop
  • Load-bearing back
  • Master cabinet with drawers
  • Technical cabinet
Work Master BR

The distinctive features of Fami adjustable work tables


The adjustable workbench can be used to allow the operator to work while maintaining an ergonomic position. With this solution you can change the height of the worktop according to the activity being carried out so as to prevent possible injuries on the workplace.

Modular system

The structure of the adjustable workbench was designed so that it can be adapted to the varying needs of users. Chests of drawers, cabinets, tool walls and shelves can be easily added even after the purchase.

Perforated panels

The distinctive feature of the adjustable workbench is that the basic structure can be enriched with perforated panels not only in the upper part, but also on the sides of the workbench. This allows for having an additional surface for attaching accessories so as to organise the work material.

Work chairs

The work chairs can be used in workshops, laboratories or shops, and have feet or wheels. The adjustable seat and the composition of the backrest and chair allow operators to work while maintaining an ergonomic position, as they can be adapted to each user and to the height of the industrial workstation on which they must operate.

Comfortable and ergonomic work

The height-adjustable workbench is the ideal solution for all jobs that must be carried out while partly standing and partly seated. The feet can be adjusted to vary the height of the worktop so that it can adapt to the operator’s position during work. The various versions of the adjustable workbench can be arranged by keeping a free space in the lower part, so that there is enough space for the operator’s legs when he works in the seated position.

Using the adjustable work table offers two advantages: on the one hand, the operator can work in an ergonomic and comfortable position, while on the other hand it reduces risk of occupational injuries.

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