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Folding workbench

Lightweight, practical and compact: the folding workbench that occupies little space in your garage, workshop or shop.

Our solution

Tavolo da lavoro pieghevole  Work Table
Folding workbench Work Table
  • Shaped wooden worktop
  • 400 kg load-bearing capacity
  • 60 cm overall dimensions when closed
  • Fastening on perforated panels using brackets
Work Table

The distinctive features of Fami folding workbenches

Lightweight and movable

The folding work table is made with materials that are resistant and durable yet lightweight, making it easier and quicker to move.

Optimisation of spaces

The closable feet make the foldable work table a compact and low-bulk solution that is ideal whenever there is little space for storing work equipment.

Working safely

The collapsible work table has a multiplex worktop that guarantees a solid and sturdy work base for carrying out the various routine operations. It also guarantees entirely safe work conditions: the configured holes can be used to attach vices and other clamping tools to secure the material.

Work chairs

The work chairs can be used in workshops, laboratories or shops, and have feet or wheels. The adjustable seat and the composition of the backrest and chair allow operators to work while maintaining an ergonomic position, as they can be adapted to each user and to the height of the industrial workstation on which they must operate.


Optimise spaces with fami folding workbenches

The folding work table allows for using a solid and sturdy workbench for all environments where a traditional workbench would be too bulky for the tight spaces where it is installed. Not only, it is a reliable and resistant solution also for providing assistance and performing repair work in areas other than the traditional maintenance department. The collapsible work table can be moved in two different ways: by hand, given its low weight, or using a Clever trolley. In this latter case, it can be safely secured using three practical C-shaped brackets on the rear side of the upper and lower perforated panel.

Precisely because it can be moved around easily, this product is ideal for all those situations where work is carried out both within and outside the company using commercial vehicles. The foldable workbench can be inserted in the van equipment by simply fastening it using load-restraining belts or bars.

A further feature of the folding workbench is its shaped worktop: the multiplex surface has a series of holes and slots for fastening vices and other equipment for working in total safety.

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