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Fixed workbenches

Fixed professional workbenches made of steel and combinable with chests of drawers, shelves and tool panels. Numerous tools for organising work material.

Fixed workbenches
Our solutions

Work steel workbenches
  • Steel or wooden worktop
  • Height adjustable shelf
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Perforated side panels
Work Master workbenches with drawers
Work Master workbenches with drawers
  • Resting on a foot or on a chest of drawers
  • 100% pull-out drawers
  • Wide range of worktops
  • Cabinet for connections
Work Master

The distinctive features of Fami fixed workbenches

Personalising the industrial workstation

The structure of fixed workbenches is specially designed to house a wide range of components such as chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves and equipped systems, so as to organise all the work material down to the slightest detail.

Safe support base

Unlike height-adjustable workbenches or workbenches with wheels, fixed workbenches can be set up by choosing whether to have the worktop resting on two feet, or on one foot and a drawer cabinet.

Durable structure and worktops

The metal frame and worktop help to make the workbench stable, sturdy and solid, so that it can be used for several jobs. The worktops come in various materials, each of which can be used for specific activities.

Work chairs

The work chairs can be used in workshops, laboratories or shops, and have feet or wheels. The adjustable seat and the composition of the backrest and chair allow operators to work while maintaining an ergonomic position, as they can be adapted to each user and to the height of the industrial workstation on which they must operate.

Fixed workbench customisable for all uses

The fixed workbench is an element that cannot be missing from any workshop, company or shop, as it allows for arranging a solid and sturdy work surface. The worktops available in various materials are suitable for a variety of uses and can be protected with appropriate rubber-coated protective covers when using oil or sharp objects.

The extensive modularity of the various models available allows for personalising every aspect of the industrial workstation by installing cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and tool panels. Tools, equipment and components can be organised down to the slightest detail so as to have every necessary item within easy reach for a given operation or process. The result? Work becomes increasingly efficient ad optimal, with less time wasted in searching for the tool or spare part to be used at a given time.

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