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Assembly workbench

Assembly work bench for Picking and Lean Production activities. Electronically adjustable height for working in an ergonomic position.

Our solution

Assembly workbenches
Dynamic industrial workstation
  • Feet with electronically adjustable height
  • Keypad with 3 memories
  • Laminate worktop
  • Wide range of accessories

The distinctive features dof Fami assembly workbenches

Safety at work

The assembly workbench has feet that can be adjusted height-wise to change the position of the worktop according to the operator’s height or the way in which work activities will be carried out – either standing or seated.

Wide range of solutions

The available components can be used to change the appearance of the assembly work bench over time, by adding or eliminating certain elements. The combined use of the various solutions makes the industrial workstation functional and well-organised.

Everything at hand

The base structure of the industrial workstation can be enriched with elements such as swivel arms, shelves, tool panels and smallware containers, so as to make the contents highly visible and easy and quick to pick.

Work chairs

The work chairs can be used in workshops, laboratories or shops, and have feet or wheels. The adjustable seat and the composition of the backrest and chair allow operators to work while maintaining an ergonomic position, as they can be adapted to each user and to the height of the industrial workstation on which they must operate.

An ergonomic and efficient industrial workstation

The workbench assembly tables are ideal for all activities that require numerous components and equipment to be grouped in a single place. They can be easily used in picking and kanban activities, or for Lean Production activities, thanks to appropriate elements such as swivel arms, smallware containers, shelves and tool panels. The individual components can be installed jointly with one another to create a wide range of solutions for organising all the work material.

The use of a workbench assembly table for daily activities has numerous advantages: besides being ergonomic and flexible, which helps to reduce the number of occupational accidents and injuries, these solutions make the work flow quicker and more organised. This allows to optimise processes and improve efficiency and productivity for the various job orders.

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