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Workbenches for industrial factories, workshops and hardware stores

Fami Storage Systems workbenches are designed and built to effectively meet the most varied market demands regarding work station outfitting.

A modular and customisable workbench

Fami steel workbenches are complete, sturdy and reliable products capable of fulfilling any need and customisable with a wide range of workbench accessories, which transform them from mere tear down tables into complete and versatile workshop workbenches.

All the proposals for workbenches:

Height-adjustable workbench
Work Master BR modular workbench
Work Up adjustable workbench with or without wheels
Height-adjustable workbench
2 mod.
Work Master BR Work Up
  • Ideal for all industrial workstations where ergonomics is essential for ensuring optimal work conditions
  • Modular and equippable
Fixed workbenches
Work Master workbenches with drawers
Fixed workbenches
2 mod.
Work Work Master
  • Ideal for being used over time depending on the various work requirements
  • Available in various sizes and with accessories
banco lavoro con ruote
Work table on wheels
3 mod.
Work Rol Master Work Mobile Master Work Mobile Flexa
  • Ideal for all situations in which it the industrial workstation must be moved with ease
  • It can be fitted with tool panels
Assembly workbenches
Assembly workbenches
1 mod.
  • Ideal as an industrial workstation that can be quickly reconfigured for checks, assembly operations and ESD processes
  • The perfect combination between practicality of use and modern design
Folding workbenches
1 mod.
Work Table
  • Ideal as a do-it-yourself workbench
  • Solid and lightweight, it makes an excellent space-saving solution

Banco da lavoro Work Master BR

Work Master BR, the workbench that adapts to your changing needs

Among the wide range of industrial work tables offered by Fami, the Work Master BR metal working table is the ideal solution if you are looking for a tear down table that can adapt to the constant requirements that may arise over time. The modular structure of this industrial work table is designed for housing further elements, even after it has been purchased. As a result, the workbench layout can be constantly transformed to create new solutions and ways of organising all the work material. Discover in detail the Work Master BR workbench, your new ally in tackling daily challenges!

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What is the right iron workbench for your needs?

Choosing the most suitable workbench for your business is a crucial activity that must take into account not only the resistance and solidity of the workbench itself, but also the possibility of equipping it with accessories and its filing capacity. All workbench models offered by Fami satisfy these requirements easily and comprehensively, but also boast further characteristics that make them the perfect industrial work table to have at your side. The professional workbenches can have adjustable feet to change the height of the worktop and ensure an ergonomic work position. Lastly, to move them within the workshop while wasting the least possible time, the workbenches can be fitted with wheels available in various materials, allowing them to easily adapt to the setting where the workbench will be used.

The choice of the worktop to be installed is strictly related to the operations that must be carried out on the workbench. If you prefer to use a craftsman workbench, it may be useful to install multiplex tops, as this type of material is suitable for installing tools for securing and tightening the component or product to be maintained, creating the perfect workbenches with vice. On the other hand, metal working tables must be suitably equipped to adapt them to all the various processes that will be carried out. The worktop can be made of multiplex or steel and, if necessary, covered with an anti-oil rubber coating to protect the surface against liquids and scratches.

A complete range of accessories is also available, to maximise the functionality of the workshop bench, for example with perforated tool holder panels, essentially important in workshops for hanging tools, and hooks or exposed containers, placed on supports.
The workbench with drawers is ideally suitable for a tidy arrangement of tools and optimisation of workshop counter space. Workbench drawers by Fami can be also purchased and retrofitted later. If you are looking for a professional workbench, our workshop bench is what you are looking for: top quality Italian design certified according to the latest applicable standards.

Trust our Specialists for your Customised Design

Continuous training keeps our agents up to date with the latest market innovations and how they can be integrated with the products offered by Fami. Lean production, warehouse optimisation and ESD systems are just some of the areas in which Fami offers winning solutions.

Contact our experienced consultants to create the perfect solution for you!

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