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Workshop trolleys and equipment trolleys

Workshop trolleys are one of the products that should not be missing in a workshop. Designed and built for the mobile storage of tools, the Fami solutions for workshop trolleys, or industrial storage trolley on wheels, are ideal when used alongside machinery and during maintenance operations on machines in various departments.

Our solutions

Clever Large modular trolley
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perforated panels
  • Steel or wooden worktop
  • Wide range of accessories
Master workshop tool trolley
  • Flexible or telescopic extraction of drawers with 50–200 kg load-bearing capacity
  • Segmented anti-tilt bar
  • Drawer settable for extraction and load-bearing capacity
  • 3 types of closures

The unique characteristics of the Fami workshop trolley

Equipment always on hand

The garage trolley is an ideal solution allowing you to have all the necessary work equipment readily available, even when performing operations or maintenance away from the traditional industrial workstation. It can be configured with wheels in various materials to suit the environment where it will be used. They are compact and fitted with handles, so as to make handling easier and quicker.

Numerous storage methods

Depending on the usage requirements and the type of items to be handled, two different types of workshop tool trolleys are available: the first has spacious drawers with variable height, while the second has steel shelves to which it is possible to add wooden tops, perforated walls and hinged doors. Both solutions ensure tidy and safe organisation of equipment, tools, components and spare parts.

Safety during transport

The workshop trolley is equipped with numerous systems that guarantee the safety of furniture during handling operations within the work area. The workshop trolley is equipped with an anti-tilt bar that prevents the simultaneous opening of multiple drawers and the possible tipping over of the drawer unit due to the weight; in the case of trolleys with shelves and perforated walls, the stored material can instead be secured with appropriate accessories or hinged doors.

Tool trolleys for tidy storage of equipment, to keep all the tools you need close at hand

Workshop tool trolleys are compact and mobile solutions that can contain a wide range of materials, tools and components for performing operations on machinery, vehicles or equipment. This allows for saving time and speeding up repairs: the operator will no longer need to take the damaged component to the workshop, since maintenance operations can be carried out directly on-site. Moreover, all the work material will no longer be moved by hand, but will instead be transported in drawers or shelves comfortably and neatly, so the operator will not have to move to and fro from the workshop or risk losing tools and equipment.

Before purchasing a workshop trolley, it is important to analyse the type of elements that will be stored and the dimensions of the workshop trolley itself. In the case of small- and medium-size components and tools, it is useful to have a drawer unit on wheels where each individual drawer can be divided internally and used for storing specific tools. If it is necessary to transport medium-size components and spare parts, as well as various types of equipment, it is possible to choose a trolley with wheels in which the lower part can be closed by panels and hinged doors for storing spare parts, while the upper part can be fitted with a perforated panel for attaching tools and equipment.

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