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Storage trolleys on wheels

The Fami smallware trolleys are the ideal solution for safely and quickly handling small components, smallwares and screws.

Carrelli portaminuterie picking
Our solutions

Bin Cart warehouse picking trolley
  • Perforated panels/shelves with box-stop edge
  • An innovative system for installing plastic smallware containers with hopper-type opening or tippable containers
  • It can be integrated with Iron Team accessories and Ergo Work swivel arms
  • Modular trolley that can be adjusted over time
Bin Cart

The unique characteristics of Fami storage trolleys on wheels

Configurable system

The Bin Cart and Smart smallware trolleys consist of a modular system that allows for organising the trolley according to the user’s actual needs. Fami trolleys have an open or closed frame, depending on the model, on which two dual-slotted uprights are installed for arranging the various supports for the smallware containers.

Warehouse on wheels

The storage bin cart is the ideal solution for having a warehouse directly available at the industrial workstation or assembly station. Depending on the materials to be stored, two types of storage bins can be mounted: Picking Box containers with hopper-type opening for accessories and spare parts, or Visual Box storage bin units for smallwares and other small-size parts

Suitable for various environments

The various components available allow to use Fami trolleys not only for storing screws, but also materials or equipment. Depending on the chosen model, it is possible to use non-perforated panels/shelves or cabinets with shutter.

Modular storage bin carts for optimising work

The Fami smallware trolley is essential for all the activities in which small-size products such as screws, bolts and components need to be moved in an organised, tidy and safe manner. It can be used for warehouse picking activities typically associated with lean production methods, as wheeled shelving in which each individual shelf contains the various kits to be used in the assembly station. To turn them into the ideal container for screws, Fami trolleys can be fitted with a wide range of smallware containers and trays available in various sizes and with different capacities.

Moving the trolley within warehouses, laboratories, workshops and shops is facilitated thanks to the handle mounted on top of the upright and by a set of wheels – two fixed and two swivelling. Besides the traditional standard rubber wheel, all smallware trolleys also feature non-marking synthetic rubber or elastic rubber wheels.

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