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Square locker

A multi-compartment square locker for storing personal belongings or clothing. Tidiness and safety in communal rooms.

Our solution

Square locker Perfom
  • From 4 to 20 multi-compartments
  • Two types of locks
  • Customisable with polypropylene feet
  • A broad range of accessories

The distinctive features of the Fami square locker

Usable in various environments

The square lockers can be used in changing rooms, offices, schools or shops for storing not only clothing, but also personal belongings.

A single solution for all users

The distinctive feature of square lockers is that they can be used by a large number of users at the same time. The reduced height of the compartments allows for having a larger number of compartments compared to traditional changing-room cabinets.

Security for your belongings

Each individual compartment of the metal square locker is equipped with an appropriate lock so as to guarantee the secure storage of objects that each user places in his own compartment.

Multi-compartment cabinet in a limited space

The Fami square locker is the ideal solution for all environments where personal belongings of a large number of people must be stored in limited space. The body of the metal cabinet is divided into smaller-size compartments so as to obtain more compartments compared to the vertical compartments of the changing-room cabinet.

Each individual compartment of the square lockers has its own identification label and closing system so that the user can immediately identify his relevant compartment and safely store his belongings.

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