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Metal sliding door cabinet

The metal storage cabinet with sliding doors is ideal for use in transit areas and for organising a wide range of materials.

Sliding door cabinets
Our solution

Perfom cabinet with sliding doors
  • Sliding doors with cylinder lock
  • Two different heights
  • Adjustable shelves
  • High-capacity drawers
Perfom cabinets for chemicals
Perfom cabinets for chemicals
  • For the safe storage of acids and alkalis
  • Internal or external collection trays
  • Hinged or sliding doors with vent openings
  • Suitable for storing liquids belonging to categories GHS 1-3 and GHS 1-4

The distinctive features of the Fami bin storage cabinet

Tidiness in a small space

The metal storage cabinet with sliding doors can be used for all environments where there is little space for opening the doors. It is thus the ideal solution for environments such as corridors, offices or archives.

Structured organisation

The structure of filing cabinets with sliding doors is designed to contain a wide range of components that allow to easily file documents or organise equipment and materials.

Protection and durability

The monobloc structure of the metal filing cabinets with sliding doors is made with premium-quality materials and precision processes which allow to store loads with different weights and dimensions.

Furniture for organising equipment and for filing purposes

The metal storage cabinet with sliding doors is the ideal furniture element for organising a wide range of materials, equipment and tools, or even documents and stationery. The internal structure can house numerous components, allowing these solutions to be used as tool cabinets as well as office cabinets with sliding doors.

The distinctive feature of these cabinets is their door opening mechanism: unlike hinged-door cabinets, the doors on these types of cabinets do not require any space in front of them as the two doors slide on a rail mounted on the front side of the cabinet. For this reason, the metal storage cabinet with sliding doors can be easily installed in transit areas, in environments where more free space is required or where there is little space.

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