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Industrial lockers for workplaces, schools and sports and leisure facilities

Fami industrial lockers are made of sheet steel and can be fitted in various environments, such as companies, health centres, sports facilities and schools. They are made with vertical compartments spanning the entire length.

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Changing room locker Perfom
  • With polypropylene feet or galvanised steel plinths
  • Doors with cylinder lock or padlockable knob
  • Benches supplied with single and double-sided shoe racks
  • Straight or sloping roof

The distinctive features of Fami changing room lockers

Practical and easy to clean, for the utmost hygiene

Featuring a pitched roof and a dirty/clean clothing partition, Fami changing room lockers guarantee a high degree of cleanliness for all activities in the food processing sector and compliance with HACCP requirements.

Suitable for any environment, such as companies, health centres, sports facilities and schools

Dressing room lockers are the perfect solution for storing everyday clothing or work gear and personal belongings or objects for daily use. They are an ideal solution for companies, laboratories, pharmacies, swimming pools and gyms.

They fulfil the requirements of both small settings and large-size companies

The industrial lockers are perfect for industrial environments of any size. Thanks to their modularity, the worker locker cabinets can be used to arrange changing rooms where employees and operators can store their personal belongings or professional equipment in total safety.

Fami clothes lockers and dressing room lockers: the professional evolution of ordinary changing room lockers

The body of Fami’s metal clothes lockers has a depth of 50 cm and presents several slots to help air circulation. The doors are supplied with a name tag holder for personal identification and will close flush with the locker body. According to the different needs the roof can be horizontal or sloping. The latter, together with the dirty/clean divider, allows for a higher degree of cleanliness of the environment and of the cabinet itself. Cabinet’s compartments can be further subdivided through a fixed or height-adjustable galvanized shelf.

Changing room lockers are made of polished, cold-rolled ribbed steel plate, with doors built from one piece and including double internal and external perimeter moulding, double airflow louvres, name tag holder, and built-in cylinder lock or padlock closure, and are completely painted with eco-friendly products. Whether they are work lockers, gym lockers or multi compartment lockers for leisure time, they can be raised to avoid the contact with the floor thanks to polypropylene feet (highly resistant to contact with water) or galvanized steel baseboards. Adding specific accessories, Fami can create personalised solutions to meet the different needs of its users: from benches, shoe racks, to door clothes hooks. Fami offers a wide range of work lockers, cabinets for gyms and hospitals, but also multi compartment lockers for schools, museums and all those places where there is the need to stow away medium-sized personal belongings.

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