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Bin storage cabinet

Bin storage cabinet with hinged doors or pull-out drawers. Fami bin storage cabinets can be equipped with Picking Box containers with hopper-type opening or Visual Box tippable drawers.

Bin storage cabinets
Our solutions

Storage bin cabinet Perfom AK
  • Available with lockable door
  • With height-adjustable shelves
  • Compatible with Steel series metal containers or plastic Picking Box containers
  • Option for installing a frame for transparent plastic Visual Box drawer units
Perfom AK
Armadio cassetti verticali
Vertical pull-out cabinets with storage bins System SR Master + Visual Box
  • Vertical cabinet with extractable drawers with a load-bearing capacity of up to 400 kg
  • Strengthened steel structure for heavy loads
  • Drawers with 100% extraction
  • Configured for Visual Box bin storage drawers
System SR Master + Visual Box

The distinctive features of the Fami bin storage cabinet

Door or pull-out drawer

Depending on the available space and on usage requirements, the bin storage cabinet is available in the Perfom AK version with or without doors, or in the System SR Master version with vertical pull-out drawers. Both solutions ensure ample storage space for organising smallwares, screws and small components. They make ideal cabinets for warehouses and, unlike the individual bin storage shelves, they keep small components protected against dust and accidental falls thanks to the doors or the vertical-drawer pull-out system.

Containers or tippable drawers

Depending on the type of material to be stored, you can choose between Picking Box containers with hopper-type openings or Visual Box tippable drawers. These types of containers are designed to ensure rapid extraction of the material stored in them.

Safety systems

The various supports used to contain the work material are fastened using appropriate solutions that prevent them from moving and falling accidentally. The cabinet shelves can be fitted with a stop for preventing the Picking Box container from moving, while Visual Box chests of drawers are installed safely on the frame of vertical drawers.

Organising smallwares and spare parts with the innovative Fami warehouses

The Fami bin storage cabinets are the ideal furniture elements for solving various storage needs that may arise when working with smallwares, screws and bolts, small components and spare parts on a daily basis.

The use of Perfom AK cabinets or System SR Master cabinets with pull-out drawers allows for creating tidy and organised warehouses for smallwares so as to make the work flow quicker and more efficient. With the creation of a system for arranging furniture and labelling the single containers or tippable drawers, the operators know where each item is located and thus avoid wasting useful time in searching for the necessary component for a given activity.

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