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Storage bin and box shelves

Organised and efficient storage bin shelves for creating warehouses for smallwares and components. Ideal as supermarkets in Lean Production processes.

Our solutions

Scaffali con contenitori Slick
Slick shelves with containers
  • Height-adjustable shelves
  • For plastic containers series Picking Box and Euro Box
  • Easy and quick to configure
  • Convertible into a tool wall
Scaffali con contenitori a cassetto RK Box
RK Box shelves with drawer containers
  • Fixed shelves with guides
  • Stackable
  • For plastic containers series RK Box
  • Drawer extraction with stop
RK Box
Scaffali porta cassette e contenitori System TR
System TR storage bin and box shelves
  • 2 different heights
  • Modular structure
  • Height-adjustable guides
  • For plastic containers series Euro Box, Euro Box Light, Picking Box, Storage Box
System TR
Scaffali porta minuteria modulari Domino
Domino modular storage bin shelves
  • Honey comb welded modules
  • Modular structure
  • For plastic and steel containers Picking Box and Steel
  • Stackable with fall-proofing stops
Armadio cassetti verticali
Vertical pull-out cabinets with storage bins System SR Master + Visual Box
  • Vertical cabinet with extractable drawers with a load-bearing capacity of up to 400 kg
  • Strengthened steel structure for heavy loads
  • Drawers with 100% extraction
  • Configured for Visual Box bin storage drawers
System SR Master + Visual Box

The unique characteristics of Fami bin storage shelves

Material identification

The structure of bin shelves is designed for storing, in a tidy and simple way, all containers used for organising the work material: each box is inserted frontally with its label so that the operator can readily identify the position of the required component, smallware item or screw.

Preventing the boxes from falling

The steel storage bin shelves have special systems for preventing the stored boxes from falling accidentally. In particular, Domino, System TR and RK Box shelves are equipped with stops which must be inserted in the rear part of the box to prevent it from coming out completely. On the other hand, Slick storage bin racks have shelves with a raised edge that keeps the box in place even when they are used in the inclined position.

Expansion over time

The storage bin shelves have a structure that can be expanded over time. For certain models this may occur by placing the various shelves on top of one another to create a vertical warehouse, while other models may extend horizontally. Thanks to the special configuration of the steel storage bin shelves, the type of containers to be organised can be changed and adapted to the various requirements.

Create organised and efficient warehouses with storage bin shelves

Our extensive experience acquired by operating for many years in the warehousing and logistics sector have enabled us to create metal storage bin shelves.

Modular and superimposable, they can be used to create actual warehouses, with personalised solutions that extend height-wise and width-wise depending on requirements.
Designed for housing boxes and containers for Fami shelves, they can be used to create specific warehouses that can be changed at any time, depending on the requirements.

Thanks to the variable dimensions of the available containers, they are ideal also as smallware shelves and can be used within processes that rely on Lean Production.

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