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Shelves with drawers

Sturdy and customisable shelves with drawers, ideal as innovative, effective and safe modular logistics solutions.

Our solution

Scaffalature metalliche professionali System SR Master
System SR Master professional metal shelving
  • Modular shelving systems
  • Drawers and extractable shelves
  • 3 door types
  • Wide range of configurations
System SR Master

The unique characteristics of Fami industrial shelving with drawers

Variable configuration

The metal shelves with drawers have a modular and combinable structure that can be configured with a wide range of solutions for easily and quickly adapting to the material to be contained.

Each bay can have a different configuration to include drawers for spare parts and smallwares, tool racks or mere shelves closed with doors for keeping documents or medium-size equipment, and can be closed with hinged, sliding or shutter doors.

High storage capacity

Industrial shelving with drawers is a space-saving solution since it allows for storing in a tidy and organised manner, in a single area, a large quantity of products of different types.

Each piece material, equipment or component can be stored safely in a dedicated area, allowing the operator to instantly access all the material required for daily tasks.

Resistant structure

The solutions consisting of industrial shelving with drawers blend the sturdiness of shelving with the high storage capacity of drawers and shelves. The combined use of appropriate structural shelves (screwed to the side panels) and plates for anchoring the structure to the floor increases the shelving’s stability, resistance and load-bearing capacity. As a result, an extensive variety of elements with different sizes and weights can be stored.

Protected and tidy storage with the robust shelving with drawers

Shelves with drawers are a viable alternative for organising all the work material in the department, warehouse or workshop.

This is possible thanks to the structure of the shelving itself which allows for installing configuration solutions that differ not only between bays, but also within the bay itself. In this way the division of the components and of the equipment becomes easier, more logical and efficient, enabling the operator to have all the necessary material for daily tasks readily on hand.

The safety of the stored material is guaranteed by locks fitted on the drawers and various types of doors that can be installed to prevent the products from getting dirty or dusty or from being used by unauthorised personnel.

The industrial shelving with drawers is characterised by a high load-bearing capacity thanks to its solid sheet metal structure and suitable reinforcement elements. The sturdiness and resistance of these solutions made them ideal for functioning as warehouses, capable of containing a large amount of equipment, components and spare parts.

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