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Modular racking systems for warehouses

The FAMI modular racking systems are versatile, flexible and combine transversal storage needs, lending themselves to infinite configurations, which can be modified over time, in step with changing needs.

System ST adjustable shelving
Our solution

Adjustable metal shelving
System ST adjustable shelving
  • Interlocked fitting
  • Each shelf from 100 to 300 kg capacity
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Structure expandable over time
System ST
Scaffale a ripiani lunghi System ST
Wide-span racks
  • Storage of particularly long goods
  • Sturdy, with a load capacity of 250 kg per pair of stringers
  • Fixed to the wall or floor
  • Available with different depths
System ST

The unique characteristics of Fami modular shelving systems

Adaptable to any environment

Warehouse racks can be easily adapted to the environment in which they will be inserted: the various modules, in fact, have different depths and widths and can be combined with each other to create metal shelving systems with different sizes. To ensure the stability of the modular shelving system, each bay must be anchored to the ground or wall.

Modular metal racking system
Toil-free assembly

The modular metal shelving is easy and quick to assemble thanks to the interlocking system characterising each individual element: the various components are fastened to one another without the aid of screws, which helps to save time and effort. Furthermore, the interlocking assembly also makes it easier to change the appearance of the warehouse racks if the storage needs evolve over time.

Shelving sides
Storage of any product

The modular shelving systems can be used to organise and store a wide range of materials and products of different sizes and volumes. Each shelf can be adjusted height-wise and can be fitted with special accessories to facilitate the storage of items; moreover, by fitting specific supports they can bear loads of up to 300 kg.

Modular shelving system

Modular and combinable shelving for any need

Since the individual modular shelves are flexible and fully adjustable, various combinations can be obtained, while the addition of accessories such as dividers makes it easier to organise the goods, resulting in a leaner management of the classification of hardware, tools and electric and electronic components.
The modular shelving systems manufactured and sold by Fami are built with solid sheet steel and are available in various sizes, configurations and colours.

The racking system shelves are easily adjusted to the desired position to create the ideal industrial shelving solution or, more simply, metal warehouse racking systems.

Versatile, adaptable and easy to assemble, the modular shelving systems are available in various sizes and can be used in various environments: warehouses, hardware stores, tool rooms, companies and homes. The interlocking combinable structure of the modular shelving systems makes the assembly easier and quicker through the combination of various components without the use of screws. The possibility of freely changing the position of each metal shelf allows for obtaining many different combinations that can be enriched and personalised through the use of numerous accessories such as dividers, partitions, edge strips and drawers. Moreover, the contents of modular shelving systems can be protected against dust and dirt by mounting hinged doors, so as to transform the structure into closed shelves. Fami modular shelving systems are available in coated or galvanised steel and can be anchored to the wall or floor.

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