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Industrial racking systems

Versatile and sturdy, Fami industrial racking systems are the most effective and user-friendly way of organising goods and products, by rationally making the most of the available space and by easily adapting to any use or setting: they can even be simply placed against a wall.

Metal shelving systems for the most effective organisation of space

The extensive range of sturdy Fami shelving includes several types of industrial racking ideally suited not only to warehouses, but also to offices, shops and production departments and workshops.

All the racking solutions and industrial shelving systems:

Adjustable metal shelving
Scaffale a ripiani lunghi System ST
Modular racking system for warehouses
2 mod.
System ST
  • Ideal for filing and storage purposes
  • Customisable with various accessories
Shelving units for small parts and bin holders
System ST racks for bins with slides
System ST racks with dividers
Shelving units for small parts and bin holders
Storage Domino stackable and modular shelving units
Visual Box shelving system with drawers for small parts
Shelving units for small parts and bin holders
5 mod.
System ST Domino Visual Box Classic
  • Ideal for storing smallwares
  • Compatible with both plastic and metal storage boxes
System ST Kanban racks with dividers - FIFO
Scaffali a rullo per magazzino dinamico - FIFO
Scaffali Kanban a piani con divisori
Scaffali dinamici a ripiani inclinabili - LIFO
Dynamic shelving units
3 mod.
System ST
  • Ideal for Lean Production
  • LIFO and FIFO Solutions
Tyre shelving systems
Tyre shelving systems
1 mod.
System ST
  • Ideal for car tyres
  • High load capacity and tyre supports
Shelves with drawers
1 mod.
System SR Master
  • Ideal for industrial furnishings
  • An excellent combination of technology and functionality
Heavy duty racking
1 mod.
System AR
  • Ideal for dies, motors and pallet-mounted goods
  • Extractable shelves suitable for picking with bridge cranes

Industrial shelving and racking solutions

System ST the modular and versatile shelving unit by Fami

System ST is an easy-to-assemble, solid and high-capacity metal shelving unit. Its modular structure allows creating numerous solutions with variable widths and different configurations. The basic version of the warehouse rack with slotted shelves, dividers and separators, in fact, can expand and transform to become a tyre rack, a dynamic warehouse rack with inclined shelves or tilting frames with tracks and rollers, or a rack for small parts with bins.

  • 1. Slotted upright with 25 mm pitch for the side
  • 2. Slotted shelf (load capacity up to 300 kg)
  • 3. Rear wall (on request)
  • 4. Side wall (on request)
  • 5. Clothes hanging bar (on request)
  • 6. Simple-extension drawer (load capacity 50 kg)
    Telescopic-extension drawer (load capacity 100 kg)
  • 7. Plinth (on request)
  • 8. Pair of hinged doors with cylinder lock and 2 keys (on request)
  • 9. Central wall (on request)
  • 10. Connection crosspiece for sides
  • 11. Stringer W=2000 mm
    Stringer W=2600 mm (on request)
  • 12. Connection crosspiece between shelves (on request)
  • 13. Plastic foot/cap
  • 14. Vertical dividers (on request)
  • 15. Separators H=100 mm
  • 16. Set of edge strips with trapezoidal dividers
  • 17. Separators H=40 mm
  • 18. Plastic coupling for uprights
  • 19. Pair of tyre holder supports
  • 20. Variable inclination frame with length-adjustable roller tracks
  • 21. Pair of brackets for inclined shelves (from approximately 5° to 30°)
  • 22. Box-stop edge
  • 23. Holding shelf
  • 24. Slides for containers
  • 25. Anti-tipping stop for containers
Trust our Specialists for your Customised Design

Continuous training keeps our agents up to date with the latest market innovations and how they can be integrated with the products offered by Fami. Lean production, warehouse optimisation and ESD systems are just some of the areas in which Fami offers winning solutions.

Contact our experienced consultants to create the perfect solution for you!

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