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Industrial shelving

Versatile and sturdy, Fami industrial racking systems are the most effective and user-friendly way of organising goods and products, by rationally making the most of the available space and by easily adapting to any use or setting: they can even be simply placed against a wall.

Industrial metal shelving systems for the most effective organisation of space

The extensive range of sturdy Fami shelving includes several types of industrial racking ideally suited not only to warehouses, but also to offices, shops and production departments and workshops.

All the racking solutions and industrial shelving systems:

Heavy duty racking
1 mod.
System AR
  • Ideal for dies, motors and pallet-mounted goods
  • Extractable shelves suitable for picking with bridge cranes
Modular racking system
1 mod.
System ST
  • Ideal for filing and storage purposes
  • Customisable with various accessories
Shelves with drawers
1 mod.
System SR Master
  • Ideal for industrial furnishings
  • An excellent combination of technology and functionality
Storage bin shelves
5 mod.
Domino System TR RK Box Slick
  • Ideal for storing smallwares
  • Compatible with both plastic and metal storage boxes

Why choose System SR Master? The Spiral choice

For over 50 years, Spiral has been specialising in the sale of tools, industrial equipment and PPE. The desire to offer customers an increasingly advanced, rapid and efficient service is behind Spiral’s decision to invest 35 million Euro in the construction of a new logistics facility. The choice fell on Fami, thanks to its ability to acknowledge the customer’s needs and its flexibility in adapting the product to each individual request. The consulting process led to the purchase of 250 bays of the Master System SR shelving, each equipped with different-size drawers containing longitudinal dividers. The Spiral project is the ultimate embodiment of the Fami approach: knowing the needs of customers and understanding them deeply to create customised products capable of fulfilling their requests.

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Industrial shelving for small or large environments

The extensive range of Fami industrial shelving fulfils the most diverse storage requirements that may arise within a company, office or shop thanks to the possibility of setting up and personalising every warehouse shelf down to the slightest detail. The use of suitable components and accessories makes the organisation of materials simpler, quicker and more efficient. Drawers for shelves, for example, are excellent solutions for storing tools, equipment and medium-sized components and can be used together with racks and shelves to create shelves with drawers that offer several options for storing material.

Combinable and modular shelving systems with height-adjustable shelves are the quintessential industrial shelving system that can be easily adapted to the room where they must be installed and also to the type of material to be organised, by inserting dividers and edge strips. When working daily with smallwares, screws, loose components and small- and medium-sized parts, it may be useful to choose racking solutions designed and manufactured for storing plastic or metal storage boxes safely. Known as container-storage shelving, they have appropriate guides or shelves that can be used to house the container and prevent it from falling. Conversely, shelving for heavy loads includes metal storage shelves suitable for storing heavy goods such as motors or dies.

All industrial shelving solutions offered by Fami can be used as solid, sturdy and resistant shelf rack systems which, in some cases, can be equipped with doors or side and rear walls for storing the work material safely and protecting it from dust and dirt.

Trust our Specialists for your Customised Design

Continuous training keeps our agents up to date with the latest market innovations and how they can be integrated with the products offered by Fami. Lean production, warehouse optimisation and ESD systems are just some of the areas in which Fami offers winning solutions.

Contact our experienced consultants to create the perfect solution for you!

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