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CNC tool trolley

NC tool trolley for quickly and safely moving equipment for CNC machinery. They can be set up with CNC tool racks and height-adjustable shelves.

Our solutions

Combi NC numerical control tool trolley
  • Horizontal or inclined racks
  • Three-row rack
  • Height-adjustable shelf
  • Wide range of wheels

The distinctive features of the Fami NC tool trolley

Racks for all tools

The NC tool trolley can be arranged with horizontal or inclined racks for inserting various types of bushes, each specially designed for housing specific spindle models.

Everything put away safely

The tool holder bushes inserted in the racks guarantee a high degree of safety when the NC tool trolley moves, as they prevent the tool from falling out of its housing.

Warehouse on wheels

The use of NC tool trolleys allows you to rely on a mobile warehouse containing all the tools required for a given machine. The work flow becomes quicker and more organised, thus eliminating possible idle time due to the retrieval of tools from a storage area far from the CNC machines.

NC tool trolley, the warehouse on wheels for your numerical control equipment

The NC tool trolley is the perfect warehouse on wheels for all the equipment used daily on numerical control machines. During the various interventions or when the tools are changed, the operator will not have to move from the machine to the storage area to retrieve the cones and cutters, but simply bring the practical trolley along with all the necessary tools for preparing the machine.

The trolley can be organised quickly and easily: the slots along the side walls can be used to place the CNC tool racks at different heights, so as to manage the space depending on the size of the tools stored. Cutters, cones and spindles can be transported safely thanks to the ABS bushes which are custom-made for each CNC tool and can be fastened to the various racks, so as to prevent them from moving around when the trolley moves.

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