Gear Garage workshop tool cabinet

The workshop tool cabinet is made with strong sheet steel and is available with hinged or sliding doors. With various widths available, garage furnishings can be equipped with a spacious structure suitable for storing tools and spare parts.

Cabinets Gear Garage

Reasons for choosing it

Smooth, slotted or slotted polycarbonate doors

Perforated tool panels

Cylinder lock


Width (mm): 512, 1023 (cabinets with hinged doors); 1020, 1427, 2040 (cabinets with sliding doors)
Depth (mm): 640 (cabinets with hinged doors); 650 (cabinets with sliding doors)
Height (mm): 2000

Gear Garage workshop tool cabinets: benefits and features

Two different door systems

The metal workshop cabinet can be configured with two different types of doors: hinged or sliding. The choice of one type of door rather than another may depend on various factors. Sliding doors, for example, are useful if there is limited free space at the front or to minimise obstacles at the front of the structure, while hinged doors enable a full and immediate view of cabinet contents. Whichever type is chosen, the doors of metal workshop cabinets are equipped with a cylinder lock with key and are available with full sheet metal, slotted finish to ensure ventilation or slotted finish and polycarbonate insert.

Tidy and secure storage

The space within workshop and DIY tool cabinets can be divided using various components, ensuring that everything needed for work is always right on hand. In addition to traditional adjustable slotted shelves, useful for storing medium-sized materials and products, cabinets with hinged doors can also house tanks for the storage of liquids or standard pull-out drawers for storage of tools and small components.

The new way to organise tools

More than just a simple tool cabinet: Gear Garage metal workshop cabinets have a structure that enables installation of perforated panels, which can be used as traditional height-adjustable shelving or as tool walls fixed to the back of the cabinet itself. Use as a tool wall transforms the way tools, equipment and accessories are organised: instead of putting them inside drawers or placing them on shelves, they can be handily fixed to the square-hole panel using Iron Team accessories and Unipok hooks.

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