Gear Garage workshop modules

Gear Garage workshop modules are compositions of cabinets, drawers, workbenches, perforated panels and wall units designed to meet all usage and storage needs. They can be mixed and matched and, together with corner modules, offer complete and customised workshop furnishing solutions.

Linear modules Gear Garage

Reasons for choosing it

Huge range of solutions

Tool walls with wall units

Compartment with waste bin and technical cabinets


Width (mm): 714, 1020, 1428, 1734, 2040
Depth (mm): 635, 640, 645, 650, 695
Height (mm): 2000

Gear Garage workshop furnishings complete with perforated panels and wall-mounted cabinets: benefits and features

A place for everything

The linear modules are designed and configured to meet the full range of possible storage and usage requirements. The lower part can house cabinets with hinged or sliding doors or chests of drawers with or without wheels, for maximum flexibility in the storage of materials and tools needed for work.

Armadio o cassettiera
An ergonomic working position

In addition to equipping workstations with cabinets and drawers, it is also possible to transform an area of the workshop into a workbench using crosspieces and reversible legs. Both components feature cut-outs for installation of multiplugs, while legs are also closed with a perforated panel to which accessories and hooks can be attached. The lower part is therefore free from obstacles and not only enables placement of a chest of drawers on wheels but also allows the user to work seated, providing comfortable space for their legs.

Banco da lavoro con pannelli forati
Comprehensive cleaning

Working in a clean and tidy environment reduces the need to constantly re-clean various components that may get dirty due to oil and coating residues on worktops. For this purpose, modules can be equipped with two compartments that can house two waste compartments or can house a waste compartment and a roll-holder compartment. A handy mixer tap and washbasin can also be installed for access to running water.

Tidy and functional

The technical cabinet is specially designed to keep electric and compressed-air cable winders tidy, leaving only the equipment required for the job visible. The different cables are guided by a special spool, while the winders are safely installed with a plate fixed to the rear wall of the cabinet. In addition to cut-outs for spools, the front of the cabinet is equipped for installation of two and four-socket multiplugs.

Armadio tecnico fami
Even more space available

All the linear modules for workshops feature a combination of tool walls and vasistas flip-up wall units with different sizes and storage volumes. The perforated panels are handy to organise all frequently used tools and equipment and can be set-up with installation of Unipok hooks and Iron Team accessories. Wall-mounted cabinets enable optimisation of vertical space for the storage of further work materials, consumables and spare parts.

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