Bin Cart warehouse picking trolley

The Bin Cart warehouse picking trolley by Fami is the ideal solution for logistics and for storing medium- and small-size material such as smallwares, spare parts, electrical equipment, etc.


Reasons for choosing it

Widely configurable

Wide range of container-holder solutions

Integration with Ergo Work swivel arms

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Bin Cart warehouse picking trolley: benefits and features

Ready-for-use containers with hopper-type opening

The aluminium profile is attached to the dual-slotted uprights and allows for organising Picking Box smallware containers. The containers can be inserted on both sides of the profile and are mounted by means of an interlocking system. The containers slide along guides so the user can freely choose in which point of the profile to fit them.

Easily accessible plastic drawers

The pair of supports for Visual Box is available in the partial and full version depending on the number of plastic drawers that must be fitted on the trolley. The use of the partial profile allows for leaving one part of the trolley free, so that it can be configured with further elements.

Fall-prevention shelves

The perforated panel/shelf mounted in the inclined position can be used to fit Euro Box plastic containers. The box-stop edge installed on the shelf profile prevents the boxes from accidentally falling off.

Even more space available

The use of Ergo Work swivel arms with Picking Box and Visual Box allows for expanding the containment capacity of the Bin Cart, so further containers can be arranged for organising the work material.

A multi-purpose trolley

Bin Cart trolleys for assembly departments can also be arranged with further components to make them even more functional and to change their appearance according to the various environments in which they will be used. In this regard, non-perforated panels/shelves can be mounted, as well as additional elements for Ergo Work swivel arms, in order to configure the Bin Cart as a mobile industrial workstation or as a material-holder trolley.

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