Vertical pull-out cabinets with storage bins System SR Master

The vertical cabinet with System SR Master + Visual Box extractable drawers is a strategic storage solution for large quantities of screws, smallwares and tools, offering maximum space savings on limited storage surfaces.

Armadio cassetti verticali

Reasons for choosing it

The ideal solution for storing smallwares and tools (broaches)

Single or double-sided drawers for Visual Box transparent bin storage drawers or broach-holder systems

400 kg maximum load-bearing capacity for drawers


Width (mm): 1107, 1515
Depth (mm): 756
Height (mm): 2000

Vertical pull-out cabinets System SR Master: benefits and features

Easy opening even when fully loaded

The vertical drawers have a single-opening action and run on telescopic guide rails mounted on ball bearings, ensuring 100% extension even when fully loaded. The sliding of the vertical drawers is smooth and low-noise; this makes the metal cabinet suitable for use in shops, hardware stores and many other working environments. The drawers are accessible from both sides and have a maximum capacity of 400 kg each.

Organised and efficient vertical storage system

For organising small parts such as smallwares, screws and C-parts. The vertical drawers can be fitted on one side or on both sides with Visual Box bin storage drawers. This solution allows to store a large quantity of material in a single place, making it easily identifiable and retrievable thanks to the transparent bin storage drawers with tippable opening.

Tools and broaches in their place

The vertical drawers can also accommodate a wide range of solutions that turn the vertical drawer cabinet for smallwares into a practical vertical storage system for tools and broaches. Tools can be organised by means of perforated panels or special tool holders, while broaches can be placed in cylinders that are installed inside the cabinet through perforated crosspieces and wooden shelf surfaces.

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