Master DE tool chest

The Master DE series of chests of drawers for tools and equipment is designed for storing equipment and documents in a safe and tidy way in various environments, also near machinery.


Reasons for choosing it

From 6 to 9 customisable drawers with different heights

Available with hinged or transparent polycarbonate doors

2 widths available


Width (mm): 714, 1020
Depth (mm): 726
Height (mm): 1000

Master DE tool chest: benefits and features

Free extraction

The drawers on Master DE tool-holder chests of drawers can have different extensions and load-bearing capacities depending on the materials to be stored in them. The operator can freely choose between 3 different extraction features

  • 100% extraction, 50 kg load-bearing capacity;
  • 96% extraction, 75 kg load-bearing capacity;
  • 92% extraction, 100 kg load-bearing capacity.
All visible

The hinged doors can either be solid or made of polycarbonate and are fitted with a practical cylinder-type lock with key that allows for putting the stored material safely away. Thanks to the polycarbonate doors, the content of the metal chests of drawers for workshops is always visible.

Flexible positioning

The height-adjustable shelf is ideal for dividing the space inside the cabinet with doors so that it can be adapted to the volume and bulk of the materials to be stored in it. Thanks to the groove along the side walls of the metal tool-holder chest of drawers, the shelf can be positioned at different heights, based on the operator’s needs.

Optimisation of spaces

Dividers and smallware trays can be used to optimise the space inside each drawer of the tool-holder chests of drawers. The use of dividing material allows the operator to work more efficiently and quickly since each individual drawer can be arranged for storing a specific group of tools, spare parts and smallwares.

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