Tipping containers

Tipping containers for scrap and waste facilitate the collection, handling and discharge of materials, waste and production scrap. These special tippable bucket solutions make waste disposal faster and safer as the contents are emptied by tipping the contents directly into the waste collection area.

Tipping containers

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Tipping mechanism

Movable on wheels or using a forklift truck

Capacity from 300 to 750 l

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Tipping containers: benefits and features

Fast and safe emptying

The tippable scrap buckets feature a tipping mechanism that allows the operator to empty the tippable buckets without having to get off the forklift truck, making work easier, faster and safer. In fact, once the forks have been inserted in different tippable scrap buckets and the latter have been positioned above the emptying area, all the user has to do is pull the dedicated lever to make the contents slide from the tippable buckets and into the waste disposal container.

Tipping containers, fast and safe emptying - 1
Tipping containers - 2
Tipping containers - 3
High capacity

The containment tank of the different tippable scrap bucket models features a front opening that facilitates material emptying operations when the bucket is tipped. It is equipped with a handle so that it can be moved manually on wheels and it is available in different sizes and capacities to allow for the handling and storage of a large amount of waste, scrap and swarf. It also features patented side holes designed for fork-lifting: these elements ensure better logistics and warehouse management as they allow for the different tippable buckets to be stacked, optimising space during both transport and storage.

Containment tank with front opening
Assisted tipping

The tippable scrap bucket tipping mechanism can be integrated with a hydraulic cylinder. This component slows down the tipping speed of the bucket, thus making the operation safer and reducing the likelihood of the material being dispersed into the environment.

Hydraulic cylinder
Containment tank with hydraulic cylinder
Simplified handling

The tippable scrap buckets are equipped with two different handling solutions: wheels and forkliftable supports. The wheels are made of nylon and have a diameter of 125 mm; two are fixed and two are of the swivel type with a brake. Thanks to these wheels, it is easy to move the tippable scrap buckets manually within the workplace. Alternatively, it is possible to use a forklift truck to move the tippable buckets thanks to the presence of the forkliftable supports in the lower part of the container.

Tippable scrap buckets with wheels and forkliftable support
Collection and discharge of residual liquids

The components stored in the tippable scrap bucket may contain liquid residues deriving from the processing they are subjected to. In this case, it is useful to install a kit with tap + grille, which not only separates the solid materials from the liquids but also allows for the latter to be discharged quickly, thus preventing them from settling at the bottom of the tipping container.

Kit with tap + grille for tippable scrap buckets