The Block hook with end cap

The Block hook with end cap can be used on square hole panels to organize tools, equipment and components. Available in 3 depths, it can be used individually or in pairs.


Reasons for choosing it

Anti-tip system

2 kg load capacity

Quick and easy installation

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Usable depth (mm)Height (mm)

The Block metal hooks: benefits and features

Stable and secure fastening

The Block metal hooks are quick, easy and safe to install. Once the rear part of the hook is inserted in the square holes of the tool panel, the safety lock is attached to block the tool support in a horizontal position and prevent it from tipping when tools are removed or stored.

Uso singolo o doppio

“The Block” tool hook can only be used on panels with 10x10 mm 38 mm pitch WorkLook square holes. It can be used individually for small-medium items and tools or, paired with a second hook to support larger and heavier tools. Panel hooks can be used in conjunction with Unipok universal tool hooks for the complete customisation of your tool holder wall.

Tidy tools and components

The perforated panel hooks are available in 3 depths: 50, 100 or 150 mm. The different sizes make them ideal for organizing and storing tools such as hammers, drills and spanners, as well as for displaying products in shops and hardware stores.

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