System ST adjustable shelving

Fami's System ST adjustable shelving system for warehouses is designed for easy assembly: the different elements fit together without the need to use any screws.

System ST adjustable shelving

Reasons for choosing it

Quick and easy assembly

Maximum versatility for professional or do-it-yourself application

Modular interlocking system

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
1028 *321/421/521/621/8211000/1500/2000/2500/3000
1328 *321/421/521/621/8211000/1500/2000/2500/3000

* for additional shelving unit

System ST adjustable shelving: Benefits and features

The basis of the structure
Shelving sides

The sides of the System ST racks with shelves consist of two uprights and of a variable number of galvanised connecting crosspieces. The slotted upright has a height of 1000 mm and can be installed on another upright using an interlocking system, to create 2000 mm high structures.

Comprehensive storage
Comprehensive storage

Side, middle and rear wall panels are assembled by interlocked fitting without the use of screws, forming enclosed compartments.
To fully protect goods from impacts and dust, the System ST combinable rack can also feature swing doors complete with cylinder lock.

Walls and doors are available on request

Perfect organisation

These shelves are slotted to a 40.5 mm pitch to allow for the insertion of vertical dividers or partitioning elements. On the long sides they feature a special moulding to enhance the sturdy construction of the shelves. By inserting stiffeners, which can be applied without screws, the shelf capacity can be increased.
In addition to shelves, the shelf unit can also have drawers with simple (88%) or telescopic (100%) extension.

Slotted shelves and drawers 1
Slotted shelves and drawers 2
Tidy compartment divisions

The space available on each shelf of the garage racks can be easily divided using numerous accessories and components such as pairs of edge strips, trapezoidal dividers and galvanised dividers with different heights.