Storage bin cabinet Perfom AK

The Perfom AK container cabinet is the ideal solution for commercial and industrial storage of smallwares and small objects.


Reasons for choosing it

The ideal solution for small parts storage

Available with or without lockable doors

For Steel FLS and Picking Box containers with hopper-type openings, size 1 or 2

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Storage bin cabinet with doors Perfom AK: benefits and features

Tidy storage

Perfom AK container cabinets can accommodate two different types of containers with hopper-type openings: polypropylene Picking Box and Steel FLS metal containers. The insertable containers are only available in size 1 (approx. 10X17x7.5 h cm) and size 2 (approx. 15X23x12.5 h cm), and the material stored inside can be easily removed via the front opening.

Small parts in their place

In addition to the traditional containers with hopper-type openings, Perfom AK can also be fitted with Visual Box tippable bin storage drawers, which are installed on a special frame fixed to the rear wall of the cabinet. The tippable opening of this type of container facilitates the removal of material, while the transparency of the drawers allows to quickly identify the contents.

Flexible space management

The cabinet space can be organised by using handy adjustable height shelves with 25 mm pitch, which can be inserted in variable numbers according to requirements. When Picking Box mes. 1 containers are placed in the cabinet, a stop is fitted to the shelf to prevent containers from moving too far deep into the cabinet.

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