Storage Domino stackable and modular shelving units

The Storage Domino stackable shelving units for boxes and bins consist of honeycomb frames in welded sheet metal for polypropylene or steel bins. These solutions develop both in height and width to create customised small parts warehouses.

Stackable shelving for boxes

Reasons for choosing it

Anti-tip stop


Load capacity up to 1600 kg

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Storage Domino single-piece modular shelving units: Benefits and features

Polypropylene or metal

The Storage Domino modular shelving units feature a sturdy welded steel structure with slides for storing both polypropylene and metal bins with hopper-type openings. The front opening of these boxes is ideal as it allows you to immediately view the contents and be able to pick these easily both when the bin is pulled out and when it is placed on the shelf.

Storage Domino stackable and modular shelving units
Safe pull-out

The shelving units with boxes for small parts are equipped with slides and anti-tip stops, two systems for handling bins for small parts safely. The slides have a dual function: on the one hand they act as rails for the fluid and rapid sliding of the box, on the other, they support and prevent the bin from falling when stored. The stop, instead, makes pulling out the box safe by blocking its travel and preventing it from accidentally falling out.

Metal racks for bins with slides
Anti-tip stop
Complete protection

The bin shelving units can be enriched with a lid and a base to protect the stored materials and preserve their quality. The base raises the shelving unit from the ground to prevent the lower bins from touching the floor when pulled out, while the lid can also be used as a support surface.

Shelf base
Flexible warehouses

The different shelving modules with drawers can be assembled together to create unique and spacious warehouses. The different solutions can be stacked or placed side by side for a vertical or horizontal development based on the spaces available.

Flexible warehouses