Space-saving bins for racks RK Box Air

The RK Box Air rack bins are innovative solutions for the safekeeping and storage of a wide range of components. The unique design was created to be able to stack the various containers in total safety and to be able to nest them one inside the other, resulting in a notable saving of space.

Platzsparende Regalkästen RK Box Air

Reasons for choosing it

Stackable and nestable with a 50% recovery of space when empty

Reinforced bottom and large front opening

Can be stored on shelves without stops

Overall dim. (mm)Useful dim. (mm)Volume (l)Load capacity (Kg)
141 x 310 x 91102 x 248 x 792,44
214 x 310 x 91176 x 245 x 7947
141 x 310 x 142100 x 234 x 1303,86
214 x 310 x 142174 x 234 x 1306,511

Space-saving bins for racks RK Box Air: benefits and features

Resistance and ergonomics

The large front opening makes it easier to remove the material, while the reinforced bottom has a special central groove which, used in combination with the shelf guide, transforms the bin into an actual drawer with an opening and closing lock.

The reinforced edges and bottom prevent deformation and strengthen the structure of the RK Box Air bins for containing heavy loads.

Contenitori per scaffali RK Box Air

Rack bins are characterised by:

1. Reinforced edges
2. Handle
3. Stacking inserts
4. Conical shape to facilitate nesting the bins one inside the other
5. Structural reinforcement for installing transversal dividers
6. Lid hook
7. Set up for front panel

Stackable and nestable

The patented inserts ensure a firm and safe stacking of the various RK Box Air bins and distribute the weight evenly. RK Box Air bins can go from stacking to being nested one inside the other with a simple hand movement.

Maximum visibility

The accessories for dividing and protecting the contents are made of transparent polystyrene to ensure maximum visibility and immediate identification of the stored materials.

Front panel

The transparent front panel closes the front opening of the RK Box Air without blocking the view of the contents. The particular design adapts perfectly to the shape of the bin, inserting with a click. It can be used in combination with the lid to completely close the container.


The transversal divider splits the internal space of the RK Box Air into several compartments for storing components of a different nature. It is transparent to allow viewing all the material and fits perfectly into the side reinforcements without taking up space.


The RK Box Air lid is interlocked on the upper part of the bin and has a partial or total opening. Its transparency makes the contents always visible and it can be used in combination with the front panel for fully protecting the contents of the RK Box Air.

Scaffali modulari per contenitori

Lo scaffale per contenitori presenta un numero variabile di ripiani su cui organizzare in ordine e in completa sicurezza gli RK Box Air.
Ogni ripiano è dotato di una guida che si incastra perfettamente nella scanalatura presente sul fondo del contenitore e che rende RK Box Air un pratico e sicuro cassetto, dotato di blocco in apertura e chiusura. A differenza dei tradizionali scaffali per RK Box, quindi, non è necessario installare fermi posteriori in quanto una volta estratto il contenitore questo si bloccherà senza cadere. In qualsiasi momento è possibile ampliare la scaffalatura: basterà, infatti, impilare i diversi scaffali tramite le pratiche alette poste nella parte superiore.

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