Visual Box smallware drawers

Fami smallware drawer unit solutions can be used to store small components in an organised and safe manner. Thanks to the transparent plastic boxes with a high mechanical resistance, the smallware items will always be visible, easily identifiable and accessible.

Cassettiera portaminuteria Visual Box

Reasons for choosing it

Boxes of various sizes

Can be installed on numerous furniture items

Safety stop

PS 6896
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Visual Box smallware drawers: Benefits and features

Smallwares and screws kept tidily and safely

The drawers, made of high strength transparent polystyrene, are housed in a special ABS container, designed to be fitted on Visual Box series shelves or trolleys or fixed to the wall with anchors.
Visual Box can have a variable number of drawers (from 2 to 9) of variable sizes and equipped with a practical handle and label holder to help identify the stored material.

Easy and immediate extraction

Featuring a convenient tilting opening, the Visual Box series drawer units ensure optimal access to the contained product.
To prevent the accidental opening of the drawers, a safety stop can be fitted at the front of the smallware drawer unit, so that each drawer stays closed when it is not used.

Modular structure

Available in different models by depth and height, Visual Box series chests of drawers all feature a width of 600 mm. Thanks to this feature, modules of the same depth and of decreasing depth can be stacked, allowing for a variety of combinations.

Creating smallware warehouses

Thanks to its special structure, the Visual Box smallware drawer unit can be used on various types of furniture items and accessories, so as to always be able to rely on a system for organising smallwares, screws and small components. Besides being fitted on a practical workbench rack, as well as on a wall-mounted or floor-standing rack, the tippable drawers can also be installed on bin storage cabinets with doors or with vertical drawers, on swivelling structures, on smallware trolleys or on swivel arms for expanding the containment capacity of workbenches or trolleys.

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