Safety cabinet for PPE and fire-safety equipment Perfom

The PPE safety cabinet is designed for storing fire-safety equipment and accident-prevention clothing. Fitted with Plexiglass “Safe crash” doors.

Safety cabinet for PPE and fire-safety equipment

Reasons for choosing it

Wide range of accessories

Cylinder lock with key

Safe crash shatter-proof doors

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Safety cabinet for PPE Perfom: benefits and features

Subdivision of spaces

Designed for the vertical partitioning of the inner section and thus, creating two areas for the organisation of all the PPE, fire-fighting equipment and clothing required to respond to accidents and emergencies. The grooves on the partition and sides of the cabinet allow the installation of slotted shelves and drawers, to store small and medium-size PPE, and a handy kit with hanging rail for jackets, trousers and other fireproof clothing.

Divider panel
Controlled breakage

The cabinet for fire-fighting PPE has doors with a lock and key and a “safe crash” polycarbonate insert. These special inserts are mandatory by law because in the event of an emergency, they allow the PPE in the cabinets to be rapidly identified and can be easily broken to quickly access the contents. Breakage occurs safely as the insert will break following a pattern without creating splinters that could injure the user

“Safe crash” doors
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