Safety cabinet for PPE and fire-safety equipment Perfom

The PPE safety cabinet is designed for storing fire-safety equipment and accident-prevention clothing. Fitted with Plexiglass “Safe crash” doors, which are easy to break in case of emergency, it conforms to (Italian) Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 on occupational safety.


Reasons for choosing it

Wide range of accessories

Cylinder lock with key

Conforming to (Italian) Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 on occupational safety

Width (mm): 1023
Depth (mm): 555
Height (mm): 2000

Safety cabinet for PPE Perfom: benefits and features

Subdivision of spaces

In order to divide the internal compartment in the longitudinal sense, it is fitted with slots for installing slotted shelves at various heights. The upper shelf-panel and the hanging rail kit turn the Perfom multi-purpose cabinet into a changing room locker.

No more creased garments

Size Ø 22 mm galvanised rail fastened using a plate with bracket. The kit contains the fastening set and 3 S-shaped hanger hooks. This kit allows for tidily organising and storing various PPE and fire-safety garments to be used in case of fire or accident.

Organising PPE and medium- and small-size equipment

The galvanised slotted shelves can be placed at different heights and allow for increasing the features available and freely managing the space inside the cabinet.

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