Safety cabinet for paints solvents and phytosanitary products Perfom

Perfom cabinets for paints and solvents are available in various sizes and with different load-bearing capacities, and are equipped with heat diffusers, air vents and adhesive safety signals.

Armadio armadietto fitofarmaci fitosanitari vernici

Reasons for choosing it

Slotted doors for ventilation

Solutions for storing liquids and collecting overflown or leaked products

Conforming to (Italian) Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 on occupational safety and to (Italian) Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 on environmentally hazardous waste


Width (mm): 1023, 1048, 1193
Depth (mm): 555
Height (mm): 1000, 2000

Safety cabinet for paints solvents and phytosanitary products Perfom: benefits and features

Ready for any situation

The inner trays, which can also be used as drip trays, comply with the Italian laws governing safety on the workplace (Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008) and environmental protection (Italian Legislative Decree No. 152/2006), since they prevent accidental spills of hazardous materials and pollutants.

Liquids stored safely

The sealed outer collection tray can be used to channel any liquid spills to the inside of the cabinet, for a total spilled amount of 60 litres, thanks to the practical "C" riser. The tray’s epoxy coating creates a barrier that is highly resistant to chemical agents, making the cabinet suitable for containing hazardous and flammable materials.

Organised storage of liquids

The galvanised slotted shelf for containers is designed for housing plastic cans and accessing their contents directly from inside the cabinet. With this system the taps lie outside of the slotted shelf without interfering with the doors. Two dividers are mounted on the right and left sides of the outermost cans.

Ease of transport

It is possible to mount the plinth for pallet trucks with front cover, allowing to move Perfom cabinets measuring 1193 and 1023 mm using a forklift truck and/or pallet truck. In this way, the shipment can be made without the need to use wooden pallets.

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