System ST racks for bins with slides

The shelving units with bins on slides are modular frames that can be expanded over time in both height and width. They feature a sliding pull-out system with anti-tipping stop as standard.

Racks for bins with slides

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Anti-tipping stop

Modular frame

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System ST racks for bins with slides: Benefits and features

Smooth and safe pull-out

Unlike traditional tiered shelves, this modular metal shelving unit is characterised by an innovative bin organisation system, based on narrow spans divided in height by pairs of slides. These components create a practical rail that ensures the fluid and stable sliding of the box both when pulling it out and when pushing it in. Handling is also safe thanks to the standard anti-tipping stops: these safety systems are installed in the front part of the shelving and block the bin’s travel, allowing it to be almost completely pulled out without coming out of its housing.

Anti-tipping stop for bins with hopper-type openings
Polypropylene or metal
Polypropylene or metal storage bins

These solutions can accommodate both polypropylene and metal bins with hopper-type openings. Thanks to the front opening, in fact, the operations of picking and depositing the material become simpler, quicker and more ergonomic and can be carried out even when the box is partially removed from the shelf.

Free expansion
Storage shelves for boxes and bins

The bin rack can be used individually or as an integral part of a shelving system for organising a wide range of items, components and work products. The sturdy steel frame can be expanded by adding, with just a few simple steps, upper or lateral modules of the same type or with different setups. It is therefore possible to expand the solution with additional shelving with bins on slides, or with tiered shelving units with or without dividers to have different storage solutions available.