Open front stackable storage Picking Box Air bins

The Picking Box Air bins are a space-saving solution for storing components and C-Parts, characterised by a particular structure designed to be able to store them both stacked and nested inside each other and to be compatible with hopper-type containers from other brands.


Reasons for choosing it

Nestable and stackable, with a 50% reduction in empty space

Compatible with all hopper-type opening bins

Eco-sustainable for a reduction in consumption linked to storage, internal handling and external logistics.

SizeOverall dimensions (mm)Useful dimensions (mm)Volume (l)Load capacity (Kg)
1108 X 173 X 7665 x 128 x 7113
2160 X 234 X 12795 x 170 x 1213,86
3224 x 354 x 203154 x 263 x 19512,522
4335 x 508 x 203228 x 402 x 1962839
3A2224 x 354 x 147157 x 278 x 1409,417
4A5336 x 507 x 304238 x 381 x 2984239

Space-saving hopper-type opening bins: benefits and features

Nestable and stackable

The Picking Box Air bins can go from stacked to being nested one inside the other with a simple movement of the hand. By nesting the Picking Box Air bins together, you can save 50% of the space needed in logistics. Less space occupied means less movements required on the Europallets, with a notable reduction in consumption and environmental impact. One shelf is enough when previously two were needed.

Picking Box Air in sovrapposizione
Picking Box Air Impilate Inserite
Fill, empty, move. And repeat again.

Empty-full is the rhythm that gives life to companies, making bins the hidden heroes of every industrial sector. The Picking Box Air hopper-type opening bin is the synthesis of innovation, design and practicality. Compared to bins of the same size, Picking Box Air offers greater storage capacity with a 50% reduction in spatial dimensions.

  1. Handle
  2. Stacking inserts
  3. Structural reinforcement
  4. Conical shape to facilitate nesting the bins one inside the other
  5. Rear hook for fastening on bars (size 1, 2, 3A2, 3), rear handle for transport (size 4, 4A5)
Air PickingBox
Struttura picking box air
Optimised and efficient transport - Reduce your Carbon Footprint

The Picking Box Air range allows saving 50% space in the warehouse and during transport. The nesting feature and the compatibility of the bins with Euro pallets, in fact, make the various internal and logistical operations more efficient and increasingly optimised, resulting in a reduction in terms of company consumption and environmental impact. In particular, an analysis revealed how the use of Picking Box Air containers leads to a decrease in warehousing (-57%) and internal handling (-27%) costs, as well as to lower CO2 emissions from the logistics chain (-10 tons)*.

* The analysis was carried out by simulating the use of Picking Box Air bins for a year in the Fami company activity. The analysis was carried out by comparing the totality of the activities and the related consumption of traditional Picking Box containers in 2023 with the same quantity of activity recalculated based on the consumption necessary for storing and handling the Picking Box Air bins.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Wear resistance, containment and dissipation of weight forces

Each element of the bin has a precise purpose: the lateral ribs and the reinforced bottom strengthen the structure and distribute the load evenly; the patented inserts ensure a stable and safe stacking; the large front opening maximises the visibility of the contents and the ergonomics when removing the material; the rear hook allows positioning the Picking Box Air on the profiles of Bin Cart trolleys and Iron Team bars.

Contenitori inseribili e sovrapponibili a bocca di lupo Picking Box  Air
Air PickingBox Apertura Frontale
More space and ergonomics

The shape of the upper edges is designed to ensure stacking bins from other brands.
The Picking Box Air bins represent the evolution of the traditional hopper-type containers on the market. Compared to the Picking Box Classic bins, Air containers feature a larger front opening which makes picking the stored material more ergonomic and improves visibility. The particular shape of the side walls of the Picking Box Air bins does not obstruct vision and does not reduce the internal space of the container. The storage capacity of the Air line, in fact, is greater than that of the Classic: the structural layout of the walls is distributed in such a way as to create new areas that largely compensate the spaces occupied by the ribs.

Picking Box Air, confronto Spazio Interno (2)
Picking Box Air, confronto Spazio Interno di stoccaggio
Tidy and protected storage of Picking Box Air bins with a beak opening

The bin storage cabinets for small parts from the Perfom AK series have been specifically designed to simplify organisation and facilitate access to the hopper-type opening bins that are stored inside. These cabinets represent a functional solution for the tidy storage of small objects such as screws, bolts, spare parts and components. The cabinets for small parts are available both with hinged doors and without doors and in three different heights. The cabinet with hinged doors is equipped with a lock with cylinder and key, ensuring access only to authorised personnel. The bin storage cabinet without doors, on the other hand, allows you to always clearly view the contents of each bin with hopper-type opening, making picking and storage operations quick and immediate.

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