Non-slip mats MAT Classic

The MAT Classic mats contribute to increase efficiency and safety in the workplace. The particular texture of the surface, in fact, increases friction while walking or working, avoiding possible falls or injuries. The addition of joints and corners creates a ramp that reduces the risk of tripping and makes getting on and off easier even when items with wheels such as trolleys or drawer units are used.

Non-slip mats MAT

Reasons for choosing it

Non-slip texture

Safe ascent/descent

Easy fit


ART.Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
Non-slip mat80040025
Mat joining piece40011025
Mat corner11011025

Non-slip polyethylene mat MAT Classic: benefits and features

Resistance and ergonomics

The non-slip mats are characterised by:

  1. Non-slip mat
  2. Mat joining piece
  3. Mat corner
Non-slip mat's frame
Non-slip mat's frame
Freedom to join multiple components
Modular system

Every non-slip mat is equipped with special inserts along the entire perimeter to ensure freedom to join multiple components. It is thus possible to obtain mats of different shapes and widths, easily adaptable to the space available.

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