System AR mould rack shelving

System AR mould rack shelving is the perfect solution for the storage and handling of heavy materials such as moulds and engines.

Scaffalature porta stampi System AR

Reasons for choosing it

High load-bearing capacity

Extractable shelves

Safe storage


Width (mm): 1050, 1250, 1450
Depth (mm): 900, 1100, 1300
Height (mm): 1510, 2010, 2210, 2510, 3010

System AR mould rack shelving: benefits and features

Strength and stability

The heavy-duty industrial rack shelving is fitted with extractable shelves with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1000 kg and with a simple or telescopic extension. They are robust shelves that guarantee stability and resistance during picking and storage of materials, and these operations can be carried out by using forklifts and overhead cranes.

The basis of everything

Made of sectional steel, they have slots to a 50 mm pitch on both sides. The two uprights are connected to each other by two horizontal cross bars and a cross piece, forming a sturdy side wall. The sides are equipped with steel plates for floor fixing.

All-round protection

The side and rear walls are fixed with screws to the structure and, when used together, can form enclosed compartments. In addition, the rear walls do not require the fitting of any cross pieces.

Everything stored safely

They are made of sheet steel specially shaped to improve solidity. Doors are used to protect the shelved goods from impacts and dust. Each pair of sliding doors covers two shelving span lengths and has a cylinder lock with two keys.

Safe use

For safety purposes, each extensible shelf must be opened individually. The device consists of a rod to be installed on the side wall (one for each span) with a hook to be applied to each extensible shelf. Opening only one shelf at a time avoids dangerous shifting of unsecured heavy loads, which might overturn the structure.