Work Master BR modular workbench

The Work Master BR modular workbench adapts to the customer’s evolving needs: whenever required, accessory modules can be added to the solid metal structure to turn a simple workbench into a customised professional workstation.


Reasons for choosing it

Professional workbench with load-bearing back

Height-adjustable for an ergonomic workstation

Wide range of accessories


Width (mm): 1024, 1500, 2000, 3000
Depth (mm): 750
Height (mm): 740/1115

Work Master BR modular workbench: benefits and features

Sturdy and durable

Made of natural material, the worktops are excellent for testing and assembly stations, and withstand scratches and heat. The wooden worktop of each workbench is configured for fastening Work Look tool walls.

The guarantee of the Master range
  • With one, two, three, four or five W 560 or W 713 drawers
  • Adjustable 3-level extraction, with 3 different load-bearing capacities
  • Sturdy and efficient ribbed drawer
  • Durable steel runners
  • Internal separation material
Modularity becomes technique
  • Configured for roll, plate for cable winder and power outlets
  • Electrical and compressed-air cable winder
  • Configured for right or left partial door

The addition of the partial door allows for a better use of the module’s lower compartment, only partially occupied by the volume of the cable winders, if any.

Subdivision of spaces

The lower space of the workbench can be easily organised and divided using shelves and half-shelves. These solutions are available in various widths and can be used alone or integrated with other modules such as drawer cabinets, technical cabinets and cabinets with height-adjustable shelves. The use of half-shelves allows the operator to work also in the seated position as it creates a free space for the legs.

Customisation and efficiency

For greater customisation, the modules can be fixed (with full box) or modular through the addition of single pieces (shelves, doors).

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