Clever Large modular trolley

The Clever Large modular trolley is not just a trolley, but a new-generation wheeled frame configured for housing accessories and acting as a mobile workstation


Reasons for choosing it

3 types of wheels

Multiplex or steel top

Shelves with raised edges to prevent accidental falling of materials

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Ø wheels (mm)

Clever Large modular trolley: benefits and features

Simplified mobility

Kit with Ø 100 or 125 mm wheels, with different load-bearing capacities, made of standard, non-marking synthetic or elastic rubber. It mounts 2 wheels with brake and 2 free wheels.

For working anywhere

Multiplex worktop suitable for heavy-duty jobs: it withstands bending and penetration of foreign bodies, and absorbs impacts.

Tool panels for a well-organised trolley

It is possible to add side panels for closing the sides or the back of the trolley, or an upper tool-holder panel for a better use of the vertical space. The panels are perforated with 10×10 square-shaped holes, which means they can be used as tool panels on which to apply Unipok, Iron Team.

Safe storage of equipment

The trolley can be fitted with a pair of perforated doors secured with crosspieces and equipped with locks.
Thanks to the combined use of doors and side and back panels, a compartment can be created in the lower part of the trolley for safely storing components and equipment and protecting them.

Containing even the smallest objects

The drawer with front or side opening is an optimal solution for storing equipment and tools.
It is equipped with a key-operated lock and has 86% extraction and a 25 kg load-bearing capacity.

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