Flexa metal chest of drawers

Flexa metal cabinet with drawers is a sturdy, versatile solution suitable for storing and organising a large variety of materials. Available with 7 or 9 drawers, it is versatile and compact and can be used in a wide variety of work environments.

Flexa metal chest of drawers

Reasons for choosing it

With 7 or 9 drawers in different heights

100% full extraction with a load capacity of 70 kg

Centralised cylinder lock closing mechanism

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Flexa metal chest of drawers: benefits and features

Full extraction

All the drawers are can be fully extracted (100%) on high-resistance ball bearings. Available with different front heights, they have a load capacity of 70 kg and feature holes and grooves that facilitate the internal drawer division for the perfect organisation of tools and materials.

Flexa metal chest of drawers
Freely organisable

The drawer can be internally divided by means of partition drawers for small parts and longitudinal and transversal metal dividers.

Dividing material
Dividing material
Dividing material
Separatori in metallo per cassetti
Safety first of all

The cylinder lock is connected via a square rod to the rear locking unit consisting of a rotating element in plastic material and a locking rod in sheet steel. Turning the key activates the cam system of the locking unit which rotates the rear rod (A).

système anti-bascule

The latter also acts an anti-tip system. When the drawer is fully extracted, the rear drawer hook rotates the rod into the closure position preventing the operator from pulling out multiple drawers at the same time, thus preventing the hazardous outward shift of the weight.

Sturdy and durable

The installation of a worktop makes the top of the Flexa metal drawer cabinet sturdier and more robust for performing maintenance and other work. The cabinet with drawers can be fitted with a top with 3 edges coated in PVC which protects the upper part of the cabinet and any material placed on it is prevented from falling off by the raised edges.

Worktop with 3 edges coated in PVC
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