Bin Cart material-holder trolley

The Bin Cart material-holder trolley is made up of a perforated frame on the sides of which two dual-slotted uprights can be attached centrally or in a decentred position, so as to modulate the space on the trolley according to the components installed and the material to be transported.


Reasons for choosing it

Side handles

3 types of wheels (Ø100 or 125 mm)


Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Bin Cart material-holder trolley: benefits and features

The multi-purpose panel

The panel available with a RAL 7035 finish has a smooth surface, making it suitable for organising various types of instruments. It can be installed in three different positions:

1. Horizontal, as a support surface
2. Overturned, to function as a tray
3. Protruding

More than just a tool panel

The perforated panel is available with the RAL 7035 or RAL 5012 finish and features 10×10 mm square holes which can be used to attach Iron Team accessories, Unipok hooks and a few Ergo Work elements when it is used as a vertical tool panel. The panel can also be applied protruding, overturned to function as a tray or inclined with box-stop edge to prevent the stored material form falling off.

Tidy and organised storage with ease

Applicable to walls with square-shaped hole, Iron Team accessories can be used to organise work equipment and documents, as well as for supplying the trolley with a power source thanks to power strips and connecting cables, and LED lighting. The universal hooks can be used to arrange everyday tools and equipment quickly and tidily. They are secured to the square-hole wall by means of screws and plugs.

Expanding the available space

Ergo Work swivel arms can be used to expand the trolley’s functions so as to have additional elements for organising work instruments and equipment. Inclinable trays and the VESA monitor support plate are ideal for turning the Bin Cart into a mobile PC workstation.

The versatility of Bin Cart

Profiles for Picking Box containers with hopper-type opening and supports for Visual Box transparent drawers can turn the Bin Cart material-holder trolley into a practical and organised warehouse picking trolley.

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