Master industrial chest of drawers

The Master tool chest of drawers, combining technology and design, is studied for being fully customised for the efficient and tidy organisation of tools, materials and documents in numerous work environments.

Cassettiera attrezzi Master

Reasons for choosing it

Extraction and load-bearing capacities can be autonomously set

Segmented anti-tilt bar

Highly safe anti-tampering closing system


Width (mm): from 408 to 1428
Depth (mm): 573, 598, 623
Height (mm): from 400 to 2000

Master industrial chest of drawers: benefits and features

Free to configure

Thanks to an innovative, plain extension guide, the drawer rear stop can be mechanically adjusted in three different positions, obtaining 3 different capacities. A new telescopic guide can be fitted to the drawer to reach a capacity as high as 200 kg. The front bearing has been moved beyond the front of the drawer and there is no shadow cone in taller drawers – even when these are adjusted to a 100 kg capacity. All this results in a marked improvement in the drawer per-cent extension and drawer volume use.
The patented opening system allows the user to easily customise extension and load capacity.

Safety first of all

The Master tool chest of drawers has a cylinder-type closure, equipped with a push-to-open system that integrates the individual opening mechanism of the drawers directly in the cylinder, and an electronic system with numerical keypad. Unlike other cabinets currently on the market, the patented closure system prevents thieves from by-passing the closure. Any forced opening will always be visible.

Organisation down to the millimetre

Holes and slots on the drawers make it easier to add internal dividers for optimally arranging tools and materials. With the Fami Storage Systems accessories for tool drawers – including longitudinal, slotted, transversal and channel dividers, or plastic drawer trays for smallwares – the drawer space can be divided based on the contents to be stored. Each drawer can be lined with non-slip rubber or foam rubber mats.

The system’s heart and brains

The bar is an aluminium profile section that is always fixed and never rotates. The closing movement is obtained via blocks that move vertically - driven by one of the basic forces of physics: gravity. The lighter the workload, the longer the component life.
The bar has 25 mm pitch holes - allowing for a number of closure heads to be fitted. This allows access to drawers to be split into multiple groups. The division into groups is configurable in height.

Protecting the contents

The Master chests of drawers can be configured with hinged, sliding and shutter doors, all equipped with a cylinder-type opening. The hinged doors are also available in the version with numerical keypad closure and can be full-height – equal to the size of the cabinet – or partial-height, for closing only one area of the chest of drawers.

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