Inclined shelf racks - LIFO

The System ST inclined shelving units are the ideal solutions to ensure maximum visibility and easy picking of the material and components contained in polypropylene boxes or bins.

Inclined shelf racks - LIFO

Reasons for choosing it

Inclination of shelves between 5° and 30°

Fall-proof box-stop edge

Ideal for adopting the LIFO methodology

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
1328 *321/421/521/621/8212016

* for additional shelving unit

System ST LIFO inclined shelf racks: Benefits and features

Controlled inclination
Inclination of shelves between 5° and 30°

The shelves of the inclined shelving units are equipped with special brackets installed laterally to change the inclination based on the type of bins and boxes to be stored. These components are equipped with a specific central groove in which to slide the screw to set the degree of inclination of the shelf between 5° and 30°.

Safe storage
Box-stop edge to prevent bins from falling out

The slotted shelves are complete with a practical box-stop edge, a component that must never be lacking in inclined shelf racks. Thanks to its fall-proof function, it preserves the integrity and quality of the stored material, preventing it from slipping and falling off the shelf.

Ease of supply
Facilità di approvigionamento

Inclined shelf racks are ideal in all those warehouses and departments that adopt the LIFO methodology of Lean Production. In fact, the loading and removal of products takes place from the front, filling the rear boxes and bins first and then the front ones. This means that the last materials loaded will be the first to be used.

Dynamic expandable warehouse
System ST inclined shelf racks - LIFO

Inclined shelf racks are not static furniture items, but a solution that can be continuously transformed and expanded over time. The interlocking assembly of the elements allows you to change the position of a shelf or to add further components easily and quickly to adapt the frame to the new needs that may arise during the work activity.