Full combination of Gear Garage workshop furnishings

The full combination of Gear Garage workshop furnishings is composed of workstation solutions designed to offer the user a wide range of furnishings for tidy and organised management of all materials needed for work.

Full combination of Gear Garage workshop furnishings

Reasons for choosing it

Linear and corner solutions

Pre-configured design that can be added to in future

Option to add accessories

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* 329726842000

* Corner furnishing combination

Combination of workshop furnishings: benefits and features

Ready for anything

Gear Garage furnishing combinations have been created on the basis of detailed analysis of the possible storage and usage needs and requirements of workers. They include tool cabinets with doors for the storage of medium-sized tools and spare parts, a wide range of chests of drawers for workshops with or without wheels and wall-mounted cabinets for organisation of tools, fastenings and small parts. Users can always rely on a solid, robust workbench with stainless steel or rubber-coated steel worktop and a handy tool wall to store all frequently used equipment.

Komplette Kombinierbarkeit der Werkstatteinrichtungen Gear Garage
Aligned with requirements

Pre-configured solutions are not static furnishings that cannot be adapted over time and can be easily added to and restructured in future. The changing requirements of a workshop are easily met with installation and addition of further modules to the existing structure.

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Easy organisation and tidiness

The perfect workshop needs accessories and additional items capable of exponentially increasing functionality, practicality and efficiency. The square-hole tool panels composing the different compositions enable installation of Unipok hooks and Iron Team accessories, ideal systems for the organisation of tools and equipment. Further workshop furnishing solutions include electric or compressed-air cable winders, which can be installed in a practical cabinet with technical compartment, and materials for the separation and division of space inside workshop drawers. Shelving for garages, on the other hand, are ideal solutions for organisation of bulky spare parts and tyres.

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