FIFO racks with rollers

Kanban roller shelving units are the ideal solution for optimising space, reducing both supply times and the waste of resources as they facilitate the handling and management of the work material.

System ST racks with rollers - FIFO

Reasons for choosing it

Frames inclinable from 5° to 30°

Rails with adjustable rollers

Set up for wheels


Structure anthracite grey + galvanised

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
1118 *10092164
1418 *10092164

* with wheels

System ST FIFO racks with rollers: Benefits and features

Customisation and versatility

Kanban roller shelving units can be customised down to the smallest detail in terms of inclination and number of frames, quantity of rails and distance between the rollers of each rail. Each element of the gravity roller shelving unit must be adjusted and set according to the weight and type of box or bin to be stored to ensure a controlled descent of the work kits and avoid falls or possible damage to the material.

System ST racks with rollers - FIFO
System ST racks with rollers - FIFO
Adjusting the inclination
Customisable gravity racks

Fixing the frame to the upright takes place via brackets which, at the same time, also allow them to be inclined freely. In fact, each bracket has a guide in which to slide the screw to block the inclination between 5° and 30°.
It is important to take into consideration the weights of the different materials to be stored when setting the inclination of the frames.

Better inventory management
FAMI Mobile kanban FIFO flow rack

With Kanban roller shelving units, the operator will no longer have to leave his/her workstation to search for every single component necessary for the job, but will have available, in one place and directly next to the workbench, the different kits with everything he/she needs to use for a specific operation. Once the front bins have been emptied, simply remove them and the ones behind will slide into the front position, full and ready for use.

The process of loading the material onto the various inclined frames is from behind and follows the FIFO (First In, First Out) principle of Lean Production: the first elements stored will be the first to be used, ensuring the removal of the oldest components and preventing them from remaining in stock too long.

Mobile solution
Dynamic roller rack with wheels

Roller gravity shelving units can be used in static or dynamic mode. In fact, at the base of the uprights there are special slots for fixing plates, specifically designed for installing the wheel kit, available in different materials.